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How do individuals or businesses get my cell phone number?

Question by Bob P: How do individuals or businesses get my cell phone number?
I use my cell phone sparingly and give out the number only to family or close friends. Last week I received a call (did not answer) from a telemarketer. Today I received a text message “inviting” me to an Internet web site. Is it an individual or a computer sending out the text messages? Does Verizon sell my number?

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Answer by tradinginshadows
They have databases that we would only dream of! I have an unlisted, blocked number yet I still get calls for every con game in the book.

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03 2013

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03 2013

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12 2012

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09 2012

Company best in making your website number 1 on Google search engine?

Question by : Company best in making your website number 1 on Google search engine?

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Answer by jessica
for me i can guaranteed you that can do that, because when i search my website its on the first page. Check them

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06 2012

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05 2012

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03 2012

SEO Link Building: Increasing the number of links to your website

See how you can view the number of links your site and your competitor sites have. Use this technique to build the number of good quality links to your site, and ultimately improve your website ranking position in the search engines. This is an essential part of search engine optimisation, and something all small business owners should be doing.


02 2012

PPC advertising in Google – Sufficient number of Ads are not served by Google – How to overcome this problem?

Question by ce: PPC advertising in Google – Sufficient number of Ads are not served by Google – How to overcome this problem?
When I say sufficient number of Ads are not served, it means Google does not serve the ads as per the limitation set by us. The product has good number of searches.

Though I know SEO is cost effective, but it’s a time consuming effort which will take good amount of time to bear fruits.

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Answer by andries v
Have a look at it is good Advertising

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12 2011

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06 2011

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