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In simple words its the synonyms of vote. Back link is an incoming link to a website or web page from another website or web page. A back link is also known as inbound links, in-links, incoming links and inward links. Search engines use a number of criteria for ranking websites. No one can say exactly how the search engines weigh their criteria, since the search engines protect this information as a trade secret. Search engines want to see your back links increase over time, not diminish. So if you suddenly decide to discontinue your back link purchases, you could potentially get penalized by the search engines. Search engines consider the quality of the back link that is pointing to your website. Here are some considerations. Search for website directories and submit your website to be posted on their directories. There are tens of thousands of online directories you can submit to, many of which are free. Search engine Marketing is one of the best ways of attracting the visitors to any site. To implement a successful SEM campaign, one needs to understand the reason through engines such as Google or Yahoo. Search engines love content that has been search engine optimized , or SEO d. However, the search engines will only give you good rankings if the content has been written in a way that both people and search engines will be able to read it. Search engines are becoming better at detecting paid links and are making requirements of specialized no follow tags to be placed
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11 2011

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