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SEO and Meta Tags?

Question by Kanwal: SEO and Meta Tags?
i have a website related to American largest natural herbal health care remedy store and supplements pharmacy now my website was on TOp with all hundreds of keywords but suddenly i lost all positions and rankings from google?
so what should i have to follow and do to get it back?
should i hhave to edit meta tags?
should i have to advertise in PPC or something else?
or have you any so please let me know?

Best answer:

Answer by Business in Barnet
The search engines change their algorithms from time-to-time in order to stop “black hat” practices.

Just use best-practice SEO and the search engines will rank you well.

Hope that helps.

Business in Barnet

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10 2012

Shopify Tutorial – Change the Title Tag and Meta Discription – FREE online store tutorials. Shopify tutorial on how to change the title tag and meta description of your Shopify store. For more tutorials on e-commerce and building an online store, check out http
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09 2012

Do anyone know the name of a web development company, who can build meta search engine and search engine?

Question by rajdyp: Do anyone know the name of a web development company, who can build meta search engine and search engine?
I need it …… for development purpose, DESPERATELY!
I need this information coz I want to build a meta search engine of my own? Plz I need the name?

Best answer:

Answer by HomSupLo75
You can use Google’s search tool. They have a tool that you download on to your machine and it will index everything you tell it to. You can then also have it re-index every so often.

Won’t have to pay for the development costs.

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08 2012

How to Add Meta Tags to a Web Page (Tutorial)

Quick meta tag tutorial. Get more search engine and traffic building tips here


06 2012

how to seo blogger with custom meta and title tags

A comprehensive tutorial on how to use a code generator to add different titles plus meta description and keywords tags to each page of your Blogger blog.
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06 2012

How to use Meta tags and HTML for Successful SEO – Brooks Digital Marketing – Meta tags and HTML should be optimised properly for Google
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05 2012

I need to know how to choose keyword to my ppc campagin and meta keyword?

Question by : I need to know how to choose keyword to my ppc campagin and meta keyword?
btw it’s arabic site

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Answer by sgarybug
Just by asking that question I think you need some more education before spending money with Adwords. There are several ways to research keywords to optimize PPC campaigns along with hundreds of other ways to promote websites/ products on the internet
Check out
The Wealthy Affiliate Way can show you everything you need to know to run successful internet campaigns including how to choose relevant keywords that will convert.
It’s how I got started and I am doing really well with several campaigns

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04 2012

SEO with RapidWeaver – Meta and Alt Tags RapidWeaver Classroom presents a RapidWeaver screencast about adding meta and alt tags to improve your search engine optimization.
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04 2012

How To Use Meta Tags For Best SEO Optimization What are meta tags? Which meta tags matter for SEO? All of your meta tag questions are answered here.
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02 2012

Dreamweaver Tutorial 7 {Adding our Meta Keywords} Keywords are of an importance but do not over saturate with any names, think from the visitors perspective and what they are looking for. Be sure to watch the optimizing your site tutorial. For a site to be found it is imperative you do all you can to fully optimise your site for the web. In the next couple of tutorials we will cover different aspects of optimisation which include, Meta keywords, html validation tidy amongst other tips and tricks.
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02 2012

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