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How do I manage separate Customers in Microsoft Project 2003?

Question by Search Circus: How do I manage separate Customers in Microsoft Project 2003?
I have Microsoft Project 2003, and own an Internet marketing company. I am struggling with how to manage where each Customer is currently at, task-wise at any given time period, like weekly or monthly. One customer may have been with us for a few months (therefore some specific tasks have already been completed), while a brand new customer is just starting specific new tasks. We have over 20 customers to date.

How in Project do I enter different Customers/Companies with specific tasks assigned to each one? ie. CompanyA, CompanyB, etc.

Ultimately, I’d like to view a weekly report showing each customer, and tasks that have been completed for each customer, and which tasks are still pending completion, to be completed that week.

I’m sure I don’t Create a New Project for each company name, with tasks assigned, correct? Otherwise, it would be extremely tedious opening separate project files to view each customer’s tasks and their standing each week.

Please help…so confusing.

Best answer:

Answer by weller345
A couple of assumptions:
1. Each customer would go through the same or very similar set of tasks
2. You would prefer to work with one Microsoft Project schedule as opposed to multiple files (and a Master plan)

Here is what I would suggest.
1. Create a summary task for each customer
2. Under each summary task, insert the set of routine tasks
3. Set up each customer as a Resource on the Resource Sheet
4. Assign the proper customer to the corresponding set of tasks
5. To see who should be working on what, you can use the Filter for and select the proper date range.

Be sure to maintain the % Complete column and keep dates in line with reality.

For additional tips with Microsoft Project, try this link:

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02 2013

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12 2012

If a company hires a person to manage and update their webpage,find clients, how much should they get paid?

Question by lsanc83: If a company hires a person to manage and update their webpage,find clients, how much should they get paid?
The company is a bar/restaurant. A small company. The responsibilities would involve sending emails, managing their webpage, updating the webpage, updating if there are special events, posting pictures, looking for clients. How much should the person charge? The person has no certificate but has a lot of experience due to hobby.

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Answer by Stefanie
It would depend on the skill and ability level. I have a college degree and I do web copywriting, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, and promotions, and I typically charge $ 150/hour or more. Given that you don’t really describe everything in a professional way, I’m guessing you may not have a ton of experience, and you should probably charge somewhere in the $ 20-30/hour range if this is your first real client. Do your best there, and keep learning. There are thousands of pages online that can teach you more about what you’re doing so you can get to the point where you can charge more each hour.

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11 2012

How to Manage Your Time Running an Internet Business

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04 2012

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01 2012

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08 2011

Web Marketing agency to manage google adwords, search ranking and posts?

Question by Darshan: Web Marketing agency to manage google adwords, search ranking and posts?
We are a technology company and are in the digital signage business. We are looking for web-marketing companies who can manage our listings, adwords and other web initiatives

Please suggest names / agencies

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Answer by John K
Not sure your question fits the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines. I’d hate to think what it would be like if a hundred people like you made similar posts on the same day. It would destroy the spirit of the YA concept rather quickly don’t you think?

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03 2011

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