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01 2013

is this a fair price for making websites?

Question by Ashley M: is this a fair price for making websites?
I am starting my own web design business and have come up with my first price so please tell me if it sounds reasonable enough.

350.00 pounds for a 5 page website including free GRAPHIC DESIGN WORK! contact forms, calanders, photo gallery, web marketing, SEO, free updating and content, hosting.

And then i will be charging 100 pounds a year to maintain the website.

So basically its a one of payment of 350 pounds and then 100 pounds a year.

How does this sound?

Best answer:

Answer by ?
Go to, Make a free website, Then get a domain name for $ 20 a year i think, THATS GOOD.

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09 2012

Ss501 – making a lover mv with lyrics

*here’s the lyrics se sang e so ri jil leo I love you neor sa rang han da go na ui yeo ja ga doe eo dal la go nun bu syeo Always youre my star nae ga neor ji kyeo jul ge I can always you waiting for you ji chin ha ru ui kkeut e seo nar ut ge han yu il han sa ram him gyeo un nae salm ui kkeut e seo nar ban gyeo jun dan han sa ram da si ha ru reur si jak hae neo ui ye ppeun mi so tteo ol lyeo nan nu gu bo da haeng bok hae neo man nae gyeot e iss eu myeon jeo ha neur e I promise you nae mo deun geor neo e ge jul ge se sang e so ri jil leo I love you neor sa rang han da go na ui yeo ja ga doe eo dal la go nun bu syeo Always youre my star nae ga neor ji kyeo jul ge I can always you waiting for you wae i je seo ya on geo ni on se sang eur ga jin geos gat a go ma wo na man ui cheon sa cheo eum cheo reom neor sa rang hae jeo ha neur e I promise you neo ui mo deun geor gat go sip eo se sang e so ri jil leo I love you neor sa rang han da go na ui yeo ja ga doe eo dal la go nun bu syeo Always youre my star nae ga neor ji kyeo jul ge I can always you waiting for you u ri ha na man yak sok hae ha neur e geol go maeng se hae tae yang i bul ta eops eo jir geu nal kka ji neor sa rang hae Oh my love gi do hae nar heo rag hae ju gil neo ui nam ja ro nar bad a ju gil yak sok hae juk neun nal kka ji nae ma eum byeon chi anh a I can always you waiting for you Baby I will forever with you yeong won hi neo man eur sa rang hae *thank you for watching
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08 2012

Company best in making your website number 1 on Google search engine?

Question by : Company best in making your website number 1 on Google search engine?

Best answer:

Answer by jessica
for me i can guaranteed you that can do that, because when i search my website its on the first page. Check them

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06 2012

Making Handmade natural and organic soaps (goats milk and glycerin “soap” making) Please enjoy this first of 5 videos that show you the process of “making soap” by hand in your kitchen out of the finest all natural and organic ingredients. The soap maker featured in this video is Mickey Dye-Ishikawa of Asheville “North Carolina”. Mickey has been working in the “health food” industry for 12 years, and has been making artisan handmade soaps for the past 4 years or more! Her products are unique in a craft (soap making) where anyone can buy the basic raw material to make soap. While many of the well known “handmade soap” companies out there make good products, many of them also cut corners by using inferior ingredients in the name of cutting costs to mass produce their products. Mickey believes that everyone SHOULD be able to use soaps that are made only with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients available, so thats exactly what she uses to make her soaps! This video series about Mickey Dye-Ishikawa and her handmade soaps, and her company “Things From Home, inc” is a “joint venture” project between her and (Robert Bankston) of “The Method Reports, llc” where they are working together to “increase her sales” online using the techniques of the “Video Marketing” program written by Robert early this year, “The Youtube Marketing Course”. Video Marketing is the fastest growing way for small and large businesses alike to increase their reach and boost sales and traffic to their websites for FREE. It takes alot more than
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06 2012

Making Money Online Secrets REVEALED! Making Money Online ****************************************************** This guide to making money online will save you time and money. With more and more people now being forced to think about their own financial security, many thousands of people are now looking for a guide to making money online. Within this article, I will show you how to get an online video tutorial system that teaches everything you need to know about making money online. You will learn all the tricks and strategies of Internet Marketing. If you develop your Internet Marketing knowledge, you will soon make progress with a business on the internet. Guide to Making Money Online – Where to Get 24/7 Strategies for Making Money Online As with anything new, there are more ways to fail than there are to succeed. In fact, over 90% of those who start a business online, ultimately make little or no money.This is in stark contrast to the many gurus and professional marketers online who promise get rich quick schemes and the holy grail to your quest for making money online. Unfortunately, as with most things, there are a specific set of circumstances that lead to a predictable outcome. Just like a 100000 ton tanker can float on the high seas, a small inflatable dinghy can sink, with the right set of circumstances. Likewise, depending on our approach to making money on the Internet, we can predict the outcome, positive or negative. If you are truly dedicated towards achieving success


05 2012

Yahoo Answers Marketing – Automate Your Money Making with Answer Swipe – The first publicly released video of Answer Swipe – a next gen Yahoo Answers marketing application. In this video I discuss some of the key features, and what’s to come in the field of making money with Yahoo Answers.
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04 2012

How do I go about making “articles” for search engine optimization?

Question by Ozzi: How do I go about making “articles” for search engine optimization?
Can anyone give me more information on writing articles in order to boost your websites search engine ranking? Where would I post the article? Is this a effective approach? I cannot afford a company who offers “article writing”, I would need to do it on my own if possible! Any help will be very much appreciated! Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Elmer J.
Think of a topic that would relate to your website’s services, e.g. networking, investments, etc. mainly these would be the best topics for your articles. Blog it using different blog sites, and pick keywords that would be used to re-direct unto your website from the blog articles you have made. Try also, blog commenting and forum posting. These are organic and effective ways in boosting your website.

Good luck.

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03 2012

Making Your Joomla Site SEO Ready – This first video in the series will help you get started with Joomla. You will learn the very first steps you need to take in order to set up and manage your website as well as getting your site ready for SEO.


02 2012

The Making of Jason Chen’s “Best Friend” MV

Watch the music video here: SUBSCRIBE TO US, THE DREAMLAPSE PROJECT!! Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of Jason Chen’s “Best Friend” music video. We had three full days of shooting, including a 12 hour shoot Day 1 from 6pm till 6am in the morning. We also had a mini half day shooting with Little Cathy & Little Jason which we may release as a bonus clip a little later. We think it turned out great, so take a look at this video to see how it all went down. Special thanks to Cathy Nguyen for guest starring in the music video. Thanks to Jason Chen for letting us be a part of this music video Special thanks to Alex Nauta for shooting behind the scenes for Day 1.


01 2012

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions