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The magic of Disneyland Paris at your fingertips with Android!

Following the success of its free iPhone application with 700000 downloads and 30 million page views, Disneyland® Paris now offers a free Android version. The Android application (available in French and English) is designed as a user-friendly, interactive guide to help prepare and enjoy a resort visit. Optimised browsing helps users rapidly obtain the information they need. Prior to their visit, users may: Get information about the destination (descriptions of the Disney parks and hotels) and check timetables for parks, attractions, shows, parades, restaurants, shops and other services, Check park admission rates and special offers, with the chance to directly contact the central reservations office to book a stay, a show or a restaurant table, Customise their experience with recommended routes to follow according to their interests (eg for thrill seekers or families), and a host of tips to help get organised once on site, Watch videos of the latest resort happenings. Once on site, guests may use geolocation options to: Check expected attraction waiting times in real time, Organise their visits by setting alarms to remind them for shows they want to see, Get their bearings effortlessly using the interactive map which displays all the points of interest nearby including shows, parades, restaurants, shops and other services, Find an attraction according to the type of experience (thrills, for young children, etc) or look up a restaurant according to price or category
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09 2012

Does Google SEO Magic Really Work?

Question by Michelle P: Does Google SEO Magic Really Work?
Okay, I’ve seen different advertising for Google SEO Magic and wanted to know if anybody has had success with it? What did you think etc. Also, I wanted to also know if anybody has tried Carbon Copy Pro and what did you think? Here’s the link where I found the site for it It looks really good but again, I wanted some comments and feedback on it.

Thanks in advance for any help:-)

Best answer:

Answer by Hari G
SEO services is provided by is one of the best in the industry

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03 2012

Roundup: Magic Submitter vs. SEnuke X vs. Sick Submitter vs. SEOLinkRobot and More! Click the link to see my full roundup review. In this search engine optimization software roundup review, I compare the following products: – Article Marketing Robot – Magic Submitter – Rank Builder 2.0 – SEnuke X – SEO Link Robot – SERPAssist – Sick Submitter For the first time ever, you get a comprehensive overview of these competing product, so you can really figure out which one is the best and see which ones are worth the money and which aren’t!
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02 2012

Search Engine Optimization tutorial : Here are the magic words

801-201-7575 We will help you with any business. Check Out Your Competitors Search for your keywords and check out the pages that rank highly. How many times is the keyword used in the text? How is the title tag written? Which keywords are in the URL? You can also see how many inbound links your competitors have. On Yahoo, enter the text link:www.(nameofsite).com and youll see all inbound links to that page. Those same sites may also be willing to link to you. If multiple pages ranked in the top 10 have links from similar sites, go after getting those links first those sites are probably trusted sources. Sign up for more free stuff!! Get Your New Site Noticed Google will eventually find your new website, but you can speed up the process. The best way is to get inbound links from trusted sites; when Google crawls those sites it will follow that link to your site and youll get noticed. You can also submit your site directly to Google for crawling. Using the basic Site Submit can take months; a better approach is to submit your site at Googles Webmaster Central. Youll have to add a small piece of code to your sites HTML code so Google can verify you are the owner of your site, so your programmer may need to help you. (The process only takes a few minutes, though.) Your pages will then be crawled and hopefully indexed in days instead of weeks or months. Yahoo also has a site submit process. Search submit site on Yahoo and you can get details on free site submissions as well


10 2011

The “magic” of search engine optimization.(Online marketing)(Viewpoint essay): An article from: The Newsletter on Newsletters


07 2011

Black’s Magic For Local Google: Business Advertising, Marketing Solutions & Marketing Tools for your Small Business (Volume 1)

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06 2011

Rank Magic SEO Blog for Small Business

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06 2011

Ezine Marketing Magic: How You Can Start Making Serious Money Right Away By Creating A Simple Little Ezine That Practically ‘Forces’ Your Customers To Whip Out Their Wallet! AAA+++


05 2011

Ultimate Marketing Tool for Search Engine Marketing – Magic Submitter

See my HOMEPAGE: The software is called *Magic Submitter*,the ultimate Marketing Tool for Search Engine Marketing, It gives you more free traffic at the push of a button, .Not only does it automate the account signup process to top article directories, video sites,and bookmarking sites…Thats the All-In-One tool for your Internet Search Engine Marketing. Internet Marketing becomes easy with Magic Submitter.See my Marketing Blog Marketing Tools, Lenaustr.15, 74343 Sachsenheim Germany Tel.: (+49) (0) 174 / 83 29 764


03 2011

Black Magic SEO, SEO Comic

Black Magic SEO, SEO Comic
seo marketing firm
Image by ByronShell
There is a bit of truth to this Ranked Hard. No, there isn’t any sorcery being performed, but I have had more than a few phone calls from potential clients that have spoken with other SEO companies that have gotten similar responses. We are very forthcoming with how we will achieve better rankings in the search engines and as most reputable SEO firms will admit, it isn’t overly complicated. Good content and solid link building are the foundation of any good SEO campaign.

Visit the SEO Comic, Ranked Hard.

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03 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions