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Google News | Google Looking to Hire Smartphone App Developers

The latest Google News from Weboptimiser… According to the Wall Street Journal, Google are looking to hire several developers to build mobile apps. This comes just a day or two since I have launched my first app, imacontacts which you can get from Its currently a desktop app that I plan to make available on the Android platform very shortly. Apples App Store offers more than 350000 apps, whilst Google developers revealed last October that the Android Market contained just 100000. Yet despite this apparent shortfall, no pun intended Android has now become the leading smartphone platform worldwide. So it seems that Google is about to do something about it. Most of the 20 actual Google Apps out there are basically mobile versions of Google desktop applications. Most recently on Jan 26th Google launched a weather app. Android even have their own channel over at Youtube, its address is For vodafone complaints – If you are watching this on Youtube, why not share, this video, leave a comment or subscribe. You see apps don’t just work on phones, like my app, they work on desktops and tablets too. Google has been making a big show of the Android 3.0, Honeycomb operating system designed from the ground up for devices with larger screen sizes, particularly tablets. So if you are looking to hire app developers give me a call and visit us over at For more Google News please subscribe to our YouTubechannel. If you would
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01 2013

Looking for good ways to market a service?

Question by Jeff B: Looking for good ways to market a service?
I have business ideas but always get stuck on how to market them. Do you have any marketing methods that have worked well for you in the past? These could be online or off line. Thank you for your help

Best answer:

Answer by TradeMark Express
Have you thought about pay per click programs? The two biggest, I think, are Yahoo! and Google

A couple free resources – check out the sources box for links:

1) Create a blog pertaining to your field

2) Use Yahoo! 360, Yahoo! Local & Yahoo! Groups

Also, consider signing up for an affiliate program. These programs enable you to advertise on other’s sites (your affiliates) and once a sale is made to you, your affiliates & the program are paid a commission.

I listed a few handy sites & articles relating to marketing, promotion & advertising. I hope they’re helpful for you.

Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

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12 2012

What are businesses looking for in an e-commerce web solution?

Question by eshopcreator: What are businesses looking for in an e-commerce web solution?
As a small business what features in both the product and the company providing the solution are you loooking for? Would you prefer a completely designed solution or a self build option? How would you relate price to service, which is most important to you?

Best answer:

Answer by Art
I’d prefer some options of having basics I can build up on, so I don’t just get a ready to go solution,but can retain some control over what happens in the future, such as updating/changing products, changing prices, having different specials in different seasons, changing colours if need be e.g. use more green and red for Christmas time. Also I’d like both on-line help and FAQ’s and option to talk to someone if something is not clear. I’d like to be able to have advertising and traffic driven to my website done by the same company if possible, but not just basic stuff, someone who knows where my type of products are searched for, a bit more of a marketing package as well, that I can build upon as time progresses and I hopefully earn more so I can spend more on more ads, listings etc.

So it would look like I want to be able to choose ‘blocks’ and add and take away and pay only for what i want used at the time… Both price and service is important to me, as I know that potentially I can bring more business, even through referrals, but I don’t want to have to do formal referrals and ‘point’ collecting thing as I don’t care if I’m rewarded for referrals, I just want to get great service and flexible product… hope this helps, good luck…

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12 2012

Looking for a change in company?

Question by Yogesh P: Looking for a change in company?
Experience more than 2year 6months in Online advertising.

Skill:- CPM, PPC & SEO(off page)

Ready to work full time or can work from home.

Only serious people reply

Best answer:

Answer by sharon
Dear Yogesh this is not the best time for change . Stick to your job and try to learn more and more new things. In the meantime you can check my site and give suggestions.

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10 2012

I’m looking for excellent SEO guides for $1?

Question by GladToHelp: I’m looking for excellent SEO guides for ?
So far:

looks like the best SEO / Marketing PDF eBook Guides I’m going to find. Is there anything else that’s nearly as good for $ 1?
I’m not talking about any “advanced seo secrets”. It’s just an introduction guide to basic white-hat seo techniques for your website.

Best answer:

Answer by BizSharing
I don’t think you will find good seo guide for that price. There is no sane people would give seo secret for that much a price. Basic seo you can get from free resources but real secret only thru paid one. People who knows value don’t down grade values or sell it cheap.

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10 2012

I’m looking for a job in internet marketing in an internet business, Bangalore. Please suggest some companies

Question by Ka: I’m looking for a job in internet marketing in an internet business, Bangalore. Please suggest some companies
With 2 years of relevant experience in working for the web, i’m looking for a full fledged career in online marketing

Best answer:

Answer by Indrajit S
give me your details at and i’ll give u some international companies who want to hire new members

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09 2012

Looking for a search engine that allows me to find the cheapest date to fly within a 2 month time span?

Question by : Looking for a search engine that allows me to find the cheapest date to fly within a 2 month time span?
I am trying to find the cheapest flight from PHX to somewhere in South Florida between the months of March and April (I am planning a cruise but trying desperately to get the best deal). It is sooo time consuming to go onto each flight companies website and search day by day (some have the option of + or – 3 days, but that still takes forever). Is there a search engine that does this for me? Thanks for any help! 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by T.J.
My guess is that Southwest Airlines is going to have the cheapest air fare between Phoenix and Fort Lauderdale. The only place you can get Southwest Airline fare is on their website. They do not participate in any of the third party travel website. Also remember that bags fly free on Southwest. You will have to add a bag fee for every bag you check on other airlines.

Southwest’s website is easy to use. After you enter the dates you want, then you can click on their “fare Calendar” and get the lowest fare for the whole month.

It looks like their cheapest fare is $ 174 each way. No bag fees.

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08 2012

Simcity 5 – Looking at water distribution, pollution and sickness

Simcity 5 – This video gives a quick look at water distribution, water pollution and sickness of your residents. It’s not the final graphics, but a video about the technology behind Simcity 5 by EA Maxis and Electronic Arts. Game: Simcity 5 Release: 2013 Platforms: pc and Mac In Simcity 5 – to be released in 2013 – gamers take seat in City Hall and have the responsibility to keep the city going. Take care of business, make sure the roads are secure and keep an eye on pollution, nature and public health. Yes, it will be tricky. The franchise that laid the foundations of the city building simulation genre is back, empowering players to create the world of their imagination! SimCity, slated for release in calendar year 2013 for PC, is a true rebirth of the franchise that brings the depth of simulation that has been the series hallmark for more than two decades and marries it with next generation accessibility and a robust multiplayer mode, giving players the power to change a world together. With its return in 2013, SimCity will engage an entirely new generation of PC gamers as they take charge of their own customised cities and build a world that co-exists alongside friends. For the first time in SimCity franchise history, players’ decisions will have long-lasting repercussions that will extend beyond their city limits. Together, players will address real global challenges such as climate change, the search for renewable resources and natural disasters. It’s up to the


08 2012

What should I search for when looking for help with IT and marketing in one vendor?

Question by Trebuchet: What should I search for when looking for help with IT and marketing in one vendor?
I’ve been asked to find a single vendor who can consult with us about our IT and marketing needs. It would be great if they also knew web design and SEO and were located in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. We have an office with 8 PCs, two network printers, a server, and some specialized equipment and we need more customers.

Best answer:

Answer by Paging Dr. Howard
I would do a Google search for “consultants” or “consulting” in your area (meaning either add your location to the search or use or something). For example, if you want IT and marketing, you might have to search for “[location] technology marketing” or “[location] computer marketing” and see what you get for your area.

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08 2012

I just started a new business, looking to promote it on a low budget, besides social media?

Question by : I just started a new business, looking to promote it on a low budget, besides social media?
I have started a new business recently selling services online. I consider myself quite marketing savvy and I have already set up social media pages for my business among other cost-free methods like SEO.
I am looking for another way to promote my business and to bring in buying customers. I have got a low budget, so please keep that in mind.
Any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Jessy
I have found video testimonials to work superbly in a case like yours. Since your business is new it would be hard to get any visitors to your website, let alone customers. Video testimonials prove to convert the vast majority of users to potential buyers because they would believe other buyers rather than the seller only. Even if you don’t have customers yet, you can still order video testimonials from actor companies.
I have found Genius Testimonials and I use them because they are very professional and offer their services at affordable prices – just what you need.

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07 2012

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions