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Internet Marketing 103: Getting Links to Your Website

Links to your website are key to increasing your traffic and improving your position in search engine results. Bob Nicholson describes some of the key techniques to get links to your website. This is the third in an informal series of talks about Internet marketing.
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12 2012

Are These Links Too Similar for SEO purposes?

Question by : Are These Links Too Similar for SEO purposes?
I currently have a url structure on one of my sites that uses a mod rewrite to change dynamic mysql urls from: to a more seo friendly

My question is, I have another url that will also use a mod rewrite that will go to an entirely different page but use some of the same link info that I’ve used in the first url. It will look like this. to a more friendly

The phrase “search-friendly-info-1” is identical in both urls but the directory has changed since they will be 2 unique pages, the pages have some similar info but the new page will be even more targeted and a longer tail type of page.

Will this cause any confusion in Google’s eyes since those pages with the first url structure have already been indexed? Will they see them as 2 unique urls even though the last part of the info is identical?

Thanks for your help.
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Answer by Derek Jansen
You will need to use a “rel-canonical” instruction to avoid any confusion. I suggest just searching for that term to learn all about canonicalization.

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09 2012

What about the search engine optimization and Who are capable to build effective links?

Question by : What about the search engine optimization and Who are capable to build effective links?

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Answer by AlexNDawson
Reputable SEO companies can do it for you. However, choose a company carefully as you would entrust your companies reputation to this people. If this people are fraud or spammers, it’s gonna hurt your business.

Today, SEO is not the same as in 2008. There are lots of changes and it will continue to change for the better. Although, some results these days were skewed, but it will get fixed.

Additionally, SEO is not all about link building, it’s about building quality, useful and valuable websites as well.

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08 2012

SEO Smart Links Premium WordPress SEO Plugin

SEO Smart Links is a premium WordPress SEO plugin. More at


07 2012

SEO Link Dominator Software – Create RSS Feeds Off Your Back links

SEO Link Dominator is the ultimate back link building software tool. easy to use and NO MONTHLY fees ever!! Check out the full tutorial set at and download the free version today.. In this tutorial I show you how to create rss channels and online RSS feeds off all your publicaly viewable links that point back to your site. Each time you create a link to one of your sites / articles / blog posts you need to save the profile URL and use that URL to syndicate your links out to 100’s of internet sources and RSS feeders. import all of your link packets and also import your own links that you gather from various sources. But why do this manually when you can virtually automate the process and save yourself hours of time.. Let me show you how I do it


07 2012

Google Bans SEO Agency For Links, Block Unwanted Links, Anti Penguin Links & Yahoo Axis – Fun SEO news week. iAcquire, a respected SEO and internet marketing company, was called out for allegedly buying links for Dun & Bradstreet. Shortly later, iAcquire and their affiliates are no longer found in Google. There are new rumors of a Penguin update. Google should add a way for people to block unwanted links via Google Webmaster Tools. Google says if your competitors spam, report them. Hey, I have an ad on my site for “Anti Penguin Link Building” – makes me sad but smile at the same time. Google said if you link to a few bad sites, it won’t hurt you. Google does audit AdWords accounts managed by third parties. Don’t want Google to stop your AdWords ad rotation, then try pausing them. AdWords has a new report named Auction Insights showing you how you compete with your competitors. Google Places updated their PO Box policy. Moving and managing your Google Place account is dangerous. Google AdSense removed the scrolling ads, the arrows. Yahoo Axis is a new browser and search tool from Yahoo. Aaron Wall made LEGO characters for SEOs and Googlers. Google has a sweet interactive logo for the Moog Synthesizer. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Bans The Agency Who Buys The Link : New Google Penguin Update Rumors: Penguin 1.1 : Win/Win: Block Unwanted Links In Google Webmaster Tools : Competitors Spamming? Google Says Report Them : Anti
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07 2012

whats the best way to get your company on internet searches, back links, yellowpages, etc?

Question by Nova C: whats the best way to get your company on internet searches, back links, yellowpages, etc?
We are trying to market specific services on the internet by having a search link. Whats the best way to do this?

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Answer by alsmithjpsnet
Pay for it!

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06 2012

seo google search engine inbound links?

Question by joseph c: seo google search engine inbound links?
Is it possibles to have too many inbound links? If all the links are from higher quality sites/neighborhoods, can too many degradate or not help search engine optimization at all?

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Answer by Dave
There’s no such thing as too many inbound links. If they are all high quality with a high pagerank coming from a site with a lot of traffic it will only help your site. If you’re being linked from sites Google considers as spam than you run into trouble.

If you’re looking for some quality inbound links, you can always blog comment (make sure not to spam, offer valuable advice) on high page ranked blogs with dofollow tags. If you have no idea what I’m talking about shoot me an e-mail. I’d be more than happy to help:

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06 2012

How to get good links & avoid bad ones for your SEO efforts Wil Reynolds explains how linking is like the placement of sugary cereals in the grocery store and why getting a link from a homepage is better. This section mentions the value of using SEOMoz, SEOBook, and Matt Cutts’ blogs. Part 7 of 15.


05 2012

SEO e Links Patrocinados com Especialistas

SEO e Links Patrocinados com Especialistas
marketing seo
Image by marciookabe


05 2012

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