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LinkedIn Marketing – National Positions

LinkedIn is a great tool to promote your business online and connect with other professionals. With over 160 million professionals using it every day, LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to reach people who are already interested in your business. At National Positions, we have an end-to-end LinkedIn program tailored to your specific needs.
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01 2013

LinkedIn Marketing, Internet Video Marketing Tips – Weekly Wrapup Discussing a post with LinkedIn marketing tips as well as a post on internet video marketing tips for social networking on YouTube. Recap of blog activity for the week of 2-23-2009 LinkedIn Marketing-Connecting Business Blogs 3 Internet Video Marketing Tips for Social Networking on YouTube Please Subscribe, Rate, and Favor (What about comments you ask? Sure, they are welcome too. đŸ™‚ Recorded 2-27-2009
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08 2012

How to Use the Hidden Job Market – LinkedIn

Shawn Robinson – 801 742-1105, This is in response to a question I received on another video that I did on using LinkedIn to attain a job. Hi Shawn, I have an opportunity to speak one-on-one for an hour with someone in a high position in a company within an industry that I’m passionate about but the purpose of the one-on-one is to interview him about his company for a project that I’m working on as part of my internship for another organization. What are some possible ways that I can turn this into a networking opportunity for a job within his company as well? Do you have more tips on how to find jobs in the hidden job market? Watch the video for the response
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07 2012

LinkedIn Premium Account features: Search

Expanded Search results and complete profile views are just one feature of a LinkedIn Premium Account. Learn more at
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05 2012

LinkedIn Company Page Tutorial: Setup Service & Product Pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Page Tip by In this video, I’m going to show you how to add products or services to your LinkedIn company page. SUBSCRIBE. RATE. COMMENT. It’s very simple to do. They make it very easy. What we’re going to do is we’re going to come over to our actual LinkedIn company page here. Mine right here is Local Pulse Marketing. I’m just going to click on that. That brings me to my company page, which I was already on. We don’t want to edit the Overview page. How the company page works in the editing, is whatever page you’re on here and you go over to Admin tools and you hit Edit—That’s the page you’re going to be editing. We want to edit the actual Service pages so we’re going to go over to the Services tab and we get to fill out this page, top to bottom if we want. How we do that, now that we’re on the Services page, we get to actually go click on Edit. First of all, you get to create unique service pages for each demographic that you’re targeting or different target audience that you want to talk to in a specific way on your company page. It’s really a cool feature right there. Down here is your main summary overview that shows up on your Services Overview page. This is the title to our products and services. Down here you see those banners. There are actually three banners that show up. You get to add your image right here, a banner image that you like and link to the specific link on your website or your Facebook page or wherever you


03 2012

LinkedIn Networking Software Tutorial

Video Tutorial of CoMergents LinkedIn Networking Software. Shows you how to use the software and manage campaigns. If you are interested in beta testing this for us and would like a free copy of the software please visit for more videos, reviews, best uses, tips, and more info that will help you take advantage of the software. Or you can email us at with the subject line “Beta Testing” and well send you out a free copy. Thanks


03 2012

Optimize LinkedIn Profile for SEO

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11 2011

LinkedIn – Internet Advertising (PPC / Pay per click) – Social Media Marketing – Part 2

Visit for the latest tips on Internet Marketing. Typhon Vision is a Toronto Internet Marketing Company. Part 2 How does LinkedIn stack up as a Internet Advertising system when compared to other relevant networks like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Yahoo/ Bing Ads as of November 2010. LinkedIn will be potentially one of the best Business (B2B) advertising networks. However it currently is still in its Beta Stages. As LinkedIn continues to develop, it will become a more significant force in the Internet Advertising World
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10 2011

LinkedIn SEO tips for your LinkedIn profile

Learning how to properly place keywords inside of your LinkedIn profile will help you get found by those searching for your product or service.


09 2011

Internet Marketing for Roofing Contractors: Advertising Your Roofing Business Online Using Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Angie’s List, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and More.


09 2011

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