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How is it legal for a travel search engine to charge more for children than adults?

Question by : How is it legal for a travel search engine to charge more for children than adults?
I just went to purchase airplane tickets on a big travel seach engine and discovered by accident that the price of tickets for two adults is much less than for an adult and child traveling together. I called the company and they stated this is done all the time. How can this not be considered discriminatory?

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No,it’s age-wise not like they are charging more or less for your race or sex. If you don’t like it then don’t fly with them. Easy.

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09 2012

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04 2012

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02 2012


Question by Cekker Kwann: What are the top 5 MOST EFFECTIVE SEO/CTO (LEGAL) TRICKS OR TIPS…?
As times have changed along with technology certain SEO tactics do not work as good. And then there are those who have tried to game the system and have ruined some of the once reliable SEO techniques… What are some of the best and easiest SEO techniques to achieve top web placement and traffic in the shortest amount of time?

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Answer by SEOestablish
These are the main things to do
1. Keep Fresh content in your site
2. Maintain 2% Keyword Ratio in your site
3. Start Strong, Finish Strong
Means strong content.
It will useful to hold your reader’s attention
4. Use Wordtracker tool
5. Keep Strategic Links on Keywords

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01 2012

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06 2011

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03 2011

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