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03 2013

What’s the best way to learn trading? Are there any free programs available on the web?

Question by Pat: What’s the best way to learn trading? Are there any free programs available on the web?
I would like to be able to read and intrepret charts, and buy and sell. Most web sites only give
you a teaser, and require money to learn more. I would like to learn on my own but without paying money. thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by James W is a great site aswell!!

not to disagree with Mr.X since I’m new to investing myself and i know he answered my question which i appreciate… but in the end of the day.. a company could have everything set in place to be the next titan.. but if the market essentially doesn’t decide its got what it takes, then its not going to go anywhere and the PPS is going to sit right where it is… but i understand what ur saying.. maybe I’m too involved with message boards on stocks these days hahaha, it feels like everything is to be questioned… obviously my example is a bit exaggerated since a company that starts banging out some decent quarterly reports is going to get the investors attention!!

I have looked at the books u recommended Mr.X.. They will definitely make my Christmas Wish list!!

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01 2013

I would like to learn more about the stock market, can someone tell me where to start?

Question by The Mouse: I would like to learn more about the stock market, can someone tell me where to start?
I am interested in the goings on of the stock market. I would like to know how to decipher everything and possibly do some informed investing on my own. Can someone show me where to begin learning about it?

Best answer:

Answer by Bob W
Read “One Up on Wall Street”

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12 2012

How to Sell : Learn to Sell Your Product or Service

Visit our website for more videos How to Sell ; selling a product, service or even an idea ? In this episode we examine the art of selling as well as what you need to have before selling your idea. Whatever the circumstances of your sale you have to know your customers and target market. Identify the need of your clients and create a proposal either written or just as a mental reference, this would be your sales letter. Know core values of your product and how they address your customer’s needs and wants..Selling your idea can be a challenging task. In this episode of StartMeUp Videos we invited Albert Behr to walk us through the process of patent search, product development and finally selling your product. He provides insights on how to protect your idea and how . Albert provides examples from his experience on trade marks, copyright and commercialization of ideas. You can examine the different channels that you can use to sell your product. Sales can be different based on what you are selling, different channels and distributions can be used and you need to analyse your options. We ask him about sales and marketing your product with a limited amount of resources as well as the challenges of a startup might face in regards to the competition. Patents Guide : Canadian Patents Data Base
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10 2012

Learn how to Explode Your Youtube video views [Youtube views Guide] I will increse youtube Video views with 50000 + Uniqe views and 10000 Channel Views [Fastest Delivery in Fiverr] Most trusted on fiverr for *guaranteed most trusted* I own an famous “traffic exchange” so no chance of video ban ,Give me your youtube channel name and You…


09 2012

How to I learn SEO (search engine optimization) work in online?

Question by : How to I learn SEO (search engine optimization) work in online?
Actually I am a new out sourcing worker. Live in Bangladesh. I like to work in SEO, PPC and etc which is easy.Lots of advertising to earn from internet. But how I choose on better. I also know the O desk, Freelancer. Want to know more. Help me please.

Best answer:

Answer by Kelly
if you learn search engine optimization (SEO) .when i am SEO fresher . i join this

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08 2012

Learn 5 Secrets To Successful SEO From An Ex Google Employee

Anshul Dayal from speaks to Andrew Weyher, an ex Google employee about Google penguin, link building, exact match domains and the 5 key secrets to successful SEO for affiliate marketers and small business owners. Visit to sign up for niche marketing coaching
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08 2012

How i can learn seo or search engine optimization online, their any institute who provide the online Seo?

Question by : How i can learn seo or search engine optimization online, their any institute who provide the online Seo?
I am looking to learn seo online for free or paid and i have good command on English. Please provide me with the links so that i can read them and start learning.plz plz tell me any one is their?

Best answer:

Answer by Web seo training
i tell you one thingtheir is lot’s institute but follow this link

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07 2012

Results Are In! Mindset Or Marketing…What to Learn First? http Oky Champions, The Results Are IN! A few weeks back, I proposed a very controversial question which was… What should you focus on and study First? Mindset or Marketing? Well, the results Absolutely speak for themselves. There was an Avalanche of Votes proclaiming that Mindset is what you should focus on and study First Before Marketing. As of this filming of this video, over 96% of you voted for Mindset First, with only 4% of you believing that Marketing should be learned First. You all definitely made your voices be heard, and heard out loud at that. In my first video, I said that I would personally answer this question as well and give you my feelings of this controversial question. Well, I personally cast my vote, and my vote was for Mindset! Why did I vote for Mindset first you may ask? Well watch this video and find out NOW!You will NOT want to miss his insider’s view of a key strategy to help your small business, home business, mlm, home based business, direct sales, internet marketing, online marketing,real estate or real estate investing, mortgage professional or network marketing business break through to the Next Levels of Success! Jason Okuma has taught this principle to many of his students, all of which have been able to acknowledge that they were Lacking in this subject area and totally “Missing The Mark” when it came to not producing the results they desired in their lives. You may have heard similar teachings about this


07 2012

Learn SEO with Tumblr

Learn SEO with Tumblr
seo search engine
Image by dmhoro
Learn SEO with Tumblr

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07 2012

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