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What is up with Dissing Dr. King?

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03 2013

Google Chrome: King Arthur Flour

A Vermont flour producer uses the web to transform its 220-year-old operation into a popular baking company.


01 2013

Martin Luther King / Ron Paul [Youtube banned this clip]

I am a South African who left the country for Portugal because of the 55 murders average per day and 156 rapes average PER DAY in that country. The country is going down the tubes at a rapid rate. We run a family SEO business , waved SA goodbye, and follow American politics closely. I received a request from one of my YOUTUBE friends to help and uploaded this video. The original title of this video was “America, have you forgotten history”. The idea was to remind people of the message some of the earlier leaders and heroes were not shy to promote; Peace, prosperity and liberty. If you like this clip I’ll ask you to download it from: You can use it in any way you like. Some have suggested burning it onto a CD or DVD and handing it out. My wish is that you download it and then create a new youtube user account and upload it. Because I suspect this video will be pulled. I would be glad to change it, if Youtube told me exactly what rules I broke and why they terminated all my videos and account. But until then… The video remains unaltered! To create a new Youtube account you need to create a new e-mail. It is very easy to create one on Thanks! Martin Luther King day is on January 21st and in his honor I ask you to help win the fight for peace by donating to Ron Paul who is the only republican candidate who is against the war. He wants to pull the troops home from all countries in the world. Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record


11 2011

Content is King, Google Search Engine Optimization Guide This has to be one of the most effective website promotion techniques. Content is King, we all know it, but how often do you submit content? Great content marketing Video with a simple message. Why is adding content to your website or blog so important to improve SEO, rankings and traffic?
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07 2011

Search is still king, but…

Search is still king, but…
seo organic
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Search engines still account for over 50% of the traffic to Cyclelicious, but the social media sites make the top 10 and account for a good percentage of traffic.

Stumbleupon is kind of cool because it has the capacity to send a lot of traffic to your site, of which 95% are brand new visitors.

Google / organic is search, while Google / referral is from things like Google Reader.


06 2011

Traffic Is King: “Discover SIX Proven FREE Traffic Methods That Will Never Stop Working… Guaranteed!” AAA+++

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05 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions