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Joomla 2.5 Template Tutorial – Free Templates For Joomla. Watch this video to find out how to set up the joomla 2.5 templates from FJT. Tags joomla template installation joomla modules joomla extensions joomla module positions CMS free joomla templates Marketing Business joomla 2.5 joomla 2.5 template tutorial how to install


02 2013

Modifying a URL with sh404SEF for Joomla

CorFun uses the sh404SEF component for Joomla to produce Search Engine Friendly URLs. In this training video, a CorFun expert shows how to modify a URL to make it more search engine-friendly. For more information, please visit The site showcased in this video is http


07 2012

Créer un site web avec Joomla! 1.5 – L’installation

Installer Joomla! ne prend que cinq minutes la première fois et même moins ensuite. Mais pour réussir cette installation, il faut d’abord mettre en place localement une sorte d’Internet privé réunissant un serveur Web, avec support du langage PHP, et un système de gestion de base de données (SGBD) exploitable par Joomla!. Les fichiers de Joomla! seront ensuite installés dans cette structure de dossiers puis confi gurés via un installateur à interface Web. Il s’agit d’un exemple typique d’environnement client-serveur.
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04 2012

Veevo Joomla Block Tabs Veevo Joomla Tabs, create multi tab block content for your Joomla 1.5 site.
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03 2012

Joomla SEO Tool – Smart SEO (New Interface)

Eyal from explains how to use Smart SEO – A Joomla SEO Extensions to edit titles, meta keyword and description for a joomla website.


03 2012

Joomla Tutorial: Joomla SEO Articles The most important SEO things to consider are: 1. The Title Tag. This is usually the Article title. Keywords here will be considered the most important. 2. The Header 1 Tag. Keywords in the Header 1 tag are considered above other page content. 3. The Header 2-6 Tags. Keywords in the sub header tags are considered important for indexing. 4. Paragraphs. Keywords in the text of paragraphs are considered when indexing a page, but not as much as the header or title tags.
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03 2012

Making Your Joomla Site SEO Ready – This first video in the series will help you get started with Joomla. You will learn the very first steps you need to take in order to set up and manage your website as well as getting your site ready for SEO.


02 2012

Search Engine Optimization – Joomla H1 Tags

Carrie Gibson’s shares tips and secrets to internet marketers. Search engine optimization tweaks for Joomla is the focus of this video. Get H1 tags for all your article titles with this hack. Related to internet marketing jeff johnson affiliate marketing…


12 2011

Joomla Tutorial – Search Engine Friendly Joomla

This tutorial will help you make a search engine friendly Joomla site. If you need to change suffix from .html to .htm, this is for you. For the plugin visit
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12 2011

Joomla SEO – Search Friendly Pages Made Simple

Creating a search friendly website with Joomla is easy. Here’s how.


10 2011

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