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What are the key factors to take into account when picking on stocks?

Question by B: What are the key factors to take into account when picking on stocks?
Im a beginner. Planning on buying some stocks tmrw. Is it possible to make money every month? if yes, what type of companies should i go for? growing companies or those major companies? just buy the shares today and sell them in a month and make money? does that work? i will appraciate some detailed information to get me started..
and please, what are good ways to follow up on the companies i buy the shares of?

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Answer by jerry
As a new investor let me caution you. When i first stated i made a little money and then decide to risk much more. I soon found that i lost several thousand dollars very quickly. I had read many books and thought i knew what i was doing. The first stock i bought i did much research on and put every thing i had into it about 4000.00 at the time. It went up and i cashed in the stock quickly. Putting all your eggs in one basket is not good unless you are trading and not investing. Trading is done usually much more often and can be daily or weekly or hourly depending on how you want to do it.

It ends up i should have stayed with that first stock. I bought it @ 40.00 and sold it @ 45.00 and it went from 40.00 a share to over 120.00 but now is 33.00 a share the stock was Garmin back when GPS was going crazy.

My point is this its hard to know when to sell and when to buy it takes time to learn this. I have learned much from watching web seminars and reading books. However the best advise i ever got was on capital preservation. Research your stock and when you chose one if its for long or short term decide what you think the stock will do in that term you are looking at and look for a entry point based on technicals and if you buy the stock and it quickly goes down or it doesn’t do what you think it was going to do get out and live to trade another day! Take a small loss and learn from it. Continue to watch the stock and find out what to do better next time. If you discipline yourself to loose little. Then you only need one time out of 4 or 5 to make money. This keeps the odds in your favor. Some long term strategies like CAN SLIM include limiting your losses to 8% setting a stop loss order at this point. In short term investing i take a lot less than this.

As you learn you will fall into what feels right or comfortable to you. There are several different kind of traders Long term investor, short term trader, day trader, swing trader, value investor, income investor, dividend investor, and many more.

As far as market analysis two basic camps here Fundamentals and Technicals, you don’t have to be one or the other here. The best investors i know use both methods together. I lean more towards the Technical side because i understand it more numbers have always been easy for me. But fundamentals will help you especially on a longer term basis. Investors for the most part use fundamentals as they are longer term, traders use technicals more generally. Some long term investors use Fundamentals to chose the stock and technicals to find the best entry point.

Fundamentals = balance sheets, earnings and income statements, Revenues, cash to book values, profits, cash on hand, P/E ratios, Yields, dividends etc. etc.

Technicals = Charting of trend lines, Moving averages, Price, Volume, Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly and so on charting. many more things make up Technicals as well.

I further suggest you go on your brokers websites and they will let you practice what we call paper trading, which is where they open a virtual account or not real account and pretend you are trading. They will start you with like 25,000.00 fake dollars and keep track of your trades and calculate the profits and losses it will give you a better understanding of how things work without risking real money.

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03 2013

I want to start Investing Money into the Stock Market, Where should I invest?

Question by Help Me: I want to start Investing Money into the Stock Market, Where should I invest?
What Broker should I use if I am starting off investing no more that $ 1000? I dont want to start off with a large amount, i want to work my way up. Which company is best for a beginner Investor? What company actually has clients that start off investing only $ 1000-$ 2000 to start off with? Any advice would be very appreciated

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Answer by calvinc06
most mutual fund companies have funds with low initial required investments. try vanguard or t. rowe price. i use to research

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03 2013

How do I sponsor people living overseas into my Network Marketing/MLM business?

Question by captain king: How do I sponsor people living overseas into my Network Marketing/MLM business?
I would like to know the best method; or methods of sponoring distributors into my offline nutritional supplements Network Marketing/MLM business from overseas countries, without travelling overseas to meet them.

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Answer by BigMac
speak with your up line sponsor

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12 2012

How Companies Break Into Emerging Markets

Tarun Khanna, Harvard Business School professor, explains how multinationals can thrive in emerging markets.
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12 2012

Google I/O 2012 – Big Data: Turning Your Data Problem Into a Competitive Advantage

Ju-kay Kwek, Navneet Joneja Can businesses get practical value from web-scale data without building proprietary web-scale infrastructure? This session will explore how new Google data services can be used to solve key data storage, transformation and analysis challenges. We will look at concrete case studies demonstrating how real life businesses have successfully used these solutions to turn data into a competitive business asset. For all I/O 2012 sessions, go to
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10 2012

How do you get into the SEO field?

Question by : How do you get into the SEO field?
Have business/marketing degree but want to learn more.

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Answer by private user
The same way as you go into your marketing degree. Make ambition and start learning about it.

To know about the basics you may refer this SEO article :

For SEM refer this :

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09 2012

I am interested in switching careers into Internet Marketing. Will Internet Marketing master certificate help?

Question by : I am interested in switching careers into Internet Marketing. Will Internet Marketing master certificate help?
I do not have a bachelors degree but am a tech geek and am knowledgeable about SEO and SEM practices. I mainly have a sales background and am looking for a change.

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Answer by Øyvind
In my honest opinion, you don’t really need a degree. With regards to Internet marketing it is more important that you got something to show for. If you start your own company, no one will ask you if you have a degree. Rather, they would like to see proof what you are capable of.

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09 2012

Turn Your Idea Into an Online Business with Volusion

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08 2012

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08 2012

Hi. I am at a loss. I have gotten deep into web design and marketing and I know a lot but I don’t make money

Question by Silly chick: Hi. I am at a loss. I have gotten deep into web design and marketing and I know a lot but I don’t make money
Nope. I don’t make any money doing it. In fact, it’s costing me money but I love it so much that I keep doing it. Well, I want to do this for a living and I don’t want to stop learning web design and marketing (I guess it’s more about the marketing) and I can’t afford to go to school right now because I need to make money…

Anyhow, I guess I’m looking for someone who can give me good leads or advise on how to make money doing this. I have sites right now and I work with companies with billions of dollars and I get thousands of hits a month to my sites. I advertise them and have fun watching them grow.

I’m thinking about offering my services but right now I don’t know major programs like databases and dreamweaver and photoshop. I’ve been designing very functional and popular sites using another program (frontpage).

Do people hire people like me? I only have about 2 years of business school under my belt. No BA yet. I was hoping some employer would pay for my bachelors.

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Answer by fathead
You could try bidding on some jobs on

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07 2012

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions