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Google’s US Economic Impact in 2009

Claire Johnson, Vice President for Global Online Sales and Hal Varian, our Chief Economist, talk about Google’s economic impact in 2009 and where we get the numbers. For more, visit


08 2012

SEO Impact Part I – SEO Tutorial 2 of 3

SEO Impact is a progressive overview on search engine optimization provided by SEO Design Solutions highlighting the various on page and off page SEO ranking factors that contribute to higher rankings.
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01 2012

Does online media buying have a negative or positive impact on SEO?

Question by AugustWind: Does online media buying have a negative or positive impact on SEO?
I am looking to buy some advertising space on relevant website for my company. How does that impact search engine optimization? Do those bought links count against you or in favor of you?

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Answer by molly d

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01 2012

How to Combine SEO and Social Media for Maximum Impact with Lee Odden

In this video, Internet marketing expert Lee Odden explains how search engine optimization (SEO) and social media can work together to promote your website. It’s a straightforward, but often misunderstood formula. SEO and social media marketing have a kind of yin and yang relationship, says Odden, with content being the glue that holds them together. Content of various kinds, of course, is displayed in the search results. A lot of companies have done a good job of optimizing their existing content. But to be successful these days, you have to create new content centered on customer needs. So develop new content that uses keywords the your customers care about. At the same time, however, build your social networks over which you can distribute your content. Odden suggests using social media monitoring tools to identify communities where people are already having conversations related to your keyword targets, and then build your presence there. Your goal is to participate actively so that you become a trusted resource in those key online communities. Lee Odden is the CEO of and writes a regular This interview was recorded at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago, in October 2010.
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12 2011

Website Magazine May 2010 SEO in a Social Media World, Top 50 Resources for Design Inspiration, Google Analytics & Editorial Impact, Managing Website Redesigns, E-Commerce Software in Action, 5 Outdated SEO Tactics, The Cost of Hosting


12 2011

Infographic: The Real Impact of Search Engine Rank – iCrossing

Infographic: The Real Impact of Search Engine Rank – iCrossing
search engine optimization
Image by iCrossing
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10 2011

Social Buzz and Twitter Tweets has a BIG impact on SEO and organic search!?

Question by Hunse Gibz: Social Buzz and Twitter Tweets has a BIG impact on SEO and organic search!?
Some time ago I run some tests to see if social buzz like Twitter Tweets and other social media channels is affecting Google organic search result pages.

As most of you know this links is “nofollow”, but my testing shows that Google is not only using Twitter Tweets as a ranking factor, but that the Twitter Tweets is actually more effective than my link building regarding SERPs and Ranking!! Can this finally be the solution to all the link-spam or will this be the start of a new “anti-social” marketing spam instead? Any thoughts about this?

I’ve also found similar studies backing up my investigations.
The most recent one called “The Social Media Marketers SEO Checklist” is from SEOmoz!

This is really hot news, or is it?
How do you think this will affect SEO and Social Media Marketing in (lets say) three years? The holy-grail for spam marketers and “how to make money online” niches?

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Answer by Christian Briggs
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10 2011

Impact of typical weather year selection approaches on energy analysis of buildings.(Report): An article from: ASHRAE Transactions


10 2011

Edge Solutions President Discusses Vayu Media Atlanta SEO Company Impact On His Business

Edge Solutions President Michael Haley and Jennifer Dunphy of Vayu Media discuss the impact that search engine optimization has made on the business IT service provider. Edge Solutions, a woman-owned IT infrastructure solutions provider, has been named one of Atlanta’s fastest growing private companies as a winner of the 2011 Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetter Award. Each year, 50 companies are selected as finalists and named to the list; however, the top five companies are presented with the Pacesetter Award. With year-over-year growth of 600 percent from 2009 to 2010, Edge Solutions ranked number two among the top five winners. Edge Solutions is a majority woman-owned IT solutions provider delivering superior customer service and support in the delivery of impactful IT solutions that meet its customers’ business challenges across the southeastern and mid-Atlantic states. Edge Solutions is dedicated to delivering the right IT solution with expertise in data center management, server and storage virtualization, storage management, data protection information management, asset and services contract management. For more information about Edge Solutions
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07 2011

The impact of webpage content characteristics on webpage visibility in search engine results (Part I) [An article from: Information Processing and Management]


06 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions