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Where can I go to found out sold home days on the market?

Question by stdugg: Where can I go to found out sold home days on the market?
I know a realtor can access this on the mls but is there somewhere on the web a non-professional can access this info?

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Answer by A D
You don’t say where the property is located and it may be different there.

In my area, if a property is offered for sale through a REALTOR, the “Days on Market” count is internal information on our MLS system and not public information.

Some of our Title Companies have web sites that will give some marketing information for sales market areas, but the marketing time is for the whole areas, not specific properties.

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03 2013

How to get my money back from work at home scam?

Question by MD: How to get my money back from work at home scam?
I lost $ 30,000 to a work at home scam. There were to
set up web sites for me and market for me. I have heard
that there are companies (arizona and florida?) that will
help me get a settlement from the credit card company that
I paid with, since it was fraud. The company is long gone
so there is no getting money back from them

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Answer by Kittysue
You need to first contact the police, then the attorney general’s office in the state where that company was located. Just because they are long gone does not mean the owners cannot be prosecuted and forced to repay you

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02 2013

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01 2013

Does anyone know of a legitimate company that offers at home work online without monetary obligations?

Question by ma-ti: Does anyone know of a legitimate company that offers at home work online without monetary obligations?
I’ve been looking for work online but every ad i see ask for a fee of some sort. I’m just trying to find a company that offers that but I don’t know where to look, I want to make some extra cash in my spare time at home. If you have a source please let me know. Thanks

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Answer by nonyahbusiness
You should research ways to make money like blogging about something you know about and then getting advertising money from ads related to your content.

Making stuff at home- clothing, toys, and then selling it online is a way to make money.

Never pay a fee for work at home unless it is for training like for medical transcription but make sure you go to a legitimate school.


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12 2012

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12 2012

Fashion Designers on Home – FGI

Join the Fashion Group International for a discussion on the crossover of fashion apparel designers into the home design industry. LISA WHITE Creative Director – WGSN Homebuildlife RALPH RUCCI Chado Ralph Rucci Company JOSIE NATORI The Natori Company DAN SAGINARIO OVP Brand Marketing – HSN
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11 2012

Milam’s Home

Milam’s Home
web marketing companies
Image by LunaWeb
LunaWeb is the leading web design and marketing company in Memphis. Look for us on Facebook:…

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10 2012

How to Start a Web Design Home Business How do you start a web design home business? Are you already building your own websites? Paul Barrs started working with local business websites back 2001, and had made hundreds of thousands in profit since – in this video he will show you how easy it is to get started.
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08 2012

Work At Home Moms – 10 Home Based Business Ideas for Work at Home Moms Work at home moms make up a significant portion of home based business owners and work at home freelance professionals. While there are a lot of perks that come with working at home, the appeal for mothers is often that theyll be able to spend more time with their children. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of ten home based business or freelance job ideas that will allow for a flexible schedule that can be worked around family time. 1) Freelance Writing. Work at home moms can find numerous opportunities for freelance writers, both online and off. Because writing can generally be done at any time, it would be ideal for work at home moms who might only have time to work during occasions where their children are in school or napping. A good resource for moms interested in finding freelance writing clients is 2) Blogging. Similar to other writing fields, blogging can be done at almost any time of day. Most blog networks that hire freelancers have posting requirements on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, but the time of day that you post is completely adaptable to your own schedule. 3) eBay. Starting an eBay business is a great option for work at home moms, because most products will sell on a 24-hour basis online without too much supervision. To make an eBay business even more ideal, drop shipping would remove the necessity of storing and managing inventory and making regular post office runs when you would rather spend time
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07 2012

Can any1 tell me a source that provide home based SEO or e-mail marketing job without any investment from me?

Question by dey_prakash: Can any1 tell me a source that provide home based SEO or e-mail marketing job without any investment from me?
I have some experience on SEO job as i am doing it for few months in a world class organization. But due to timing problem i can’t continue my office job any more. Anyone please give me a source that provide any kind of online marketing job that i can do from my home. Pleaseeee.
I reside in India

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Answer by Scott C
I would suggest looking at for projects.


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07 2012

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