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What is paid higher? a graphic artist job or a web developer job or a software developer job?

Question by cherry: What is paid higher? a graphic artist job or a web developer job or a software developer job?
i want specific answers. let us say they both graduated in the same school, both have good grades and both entered the same company. now which job is paid higher?

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Answer by Blackcompe
Software developer is the 3rd highest paid college graduate degree. Web developer would most likely be considered software development. And, graphic designer , would most likely make less, initially.

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12 2012

Can internet search engines put your company higher up a search and if so how?

Question by : Can internet search engines put your company higher up a search and if so how?

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Answer by Jake
Their “organic” search results are supposed to rank search result without bias, based on content and the number of other sites showing their appreciation by linking to it, there’s a whole SEO industry the helps sites get higher ranking, mostly generating unauthentic votes in the form of other sites linking to it, often for “under the table” compensation.

You can get the search engine to put on the top by paying for a “Sponsored” search results, shown with yellow backgrounds. Google Adwords is the biggest paid search advertising system, in their self serve ad system you make competitive bids on search phrases (keywords) commonly pay per click ads cost $ 0.50 to $ 5.00, although prices are much higher for some terms like Doctor and Lawyer words (Mesothelioma famously cost more than $ 50 per click)

Be sure you get a first time user only voucher if you try out Adwords, this Google page might get you a $ 75 balance for starters.

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08 2012

Should I get a higher SEO plan for my business?

Question by : Should I get a higher SEO plan for my business?

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Answer by Raysor
SEO is not cheap. But how you choose is very difficult.Try this first:
Check your site on Nibbler:
Good content is most important – and I don’t mean loads of keywords, I mean ux. Write your content FOR your visitors, write something YOU would find interesting and your half way there.

Then validate your code – google w3c validator. VERY important.

Then get your description tags sorted also very important.

Then keep your page load quick – google website optimisation.

Then get on webmaster tools – submit a sitemap and check the HTML suggestions regularly – google will tell you if there’s anything it doesn’t like.
Do these things and I GUARANTEE you’ll see an increase.

It gets harder after this. Page structure – make sure things are in the right order – title, h1, h2, paragraphs. Put your important keywords near the top.

If you’ve done all this, google wordtracker – find the popular terms and track your positions – if you want to move up, make sure these terms are in your title tags etc.

Even harder – build some links (genuine ones) and use the keywords in the links.

Then keep repeating all these steps whilst adding content regularly.

If it sounds like hard work il do it for you for a fee

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05 2012

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04 2012

How can i optimize my website so that it gets higher ranking in yahoo, google and msn search engines?

Question by Raphael M: How can i optimize my website so that it gets higher ranking in yahoo, google and msn search engines?
They say search engine optimization is the key to higher search engine placement. How do i go about it?

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Answer by raysor
Get more original content

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01 2012

Back Links for SEO , More traffic and higher Rank on Search Engines , Sam nasr

In simple words its the synonyms of vote. Back link is an incoming link to a website or web page from another website or web page. A back link is also known as inbound links, in-links, incoming links and inward links. Search engines use a number of criteria for ranking websites. No one can say exactly how the search engines weigh their criteria, since the search engines protect this information as a trade secret. Search engines want to see your back links increase over time, not diminish. So if you suddenly decide to discontinue your back link purchases, you could potentially get penalized by the search engines. Search engines consider the quality of the back link that is pointing to your website. Here are some considerations. Search for website directories and submit your website to be posted on their directories. There are tens of thousands of online directories you can submit to, many of which are free. Search engine Marketing is one of the best ways of attracting the visitors to any site. To implement a successful SEM campaign, one needs to understand the reason through engines such as Google or Yahoo. Search engines love content that has been search engine optimized , or SEO d. However, the search engines will only give you good rankings if the content has been written in a way that both people and search engines will be able to read it. Search engines are becoming better at detecting paid links and are making requirements of specialized no follow tags to be placed
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11 2011

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10 2011

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09 2011

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06 2011

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06 2011

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