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Is there a group that shares marketing strategies?

Question by Lola Girl: Is there a group that shares marketing strategies?
I am in marketing for residential home builders. I am looking for creative or tried and true ideas for marketing.

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Answer by meiyimbestfriend
Visit , is a free products advertising company. Everyone, online marketplace, retail website and e-commerce corporation across the web may advertise their products without spending a dime. You can get more information at http:///

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03 2013

The Energy Conservation Group

David Sanderson from The Energy Conservation Group talks to the Adido team about his experience working with Adido and the journey he’s been on with his online marketing in 2010.
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01 2013

Rock Island Group – Internet Marketing – Social Marketing Call Us Today 212-576-1155 Rock Island Group Celebrating Hanukah Lighting the Menorah! – Internet Marketing – Social Marketing – Direct Marketing – Full Service Marketing and Business Development.


12 2012

Can someone explain to me what happened to event marketing service provider MICE group?

Question by netpress1: Can someone explain to me what happened to event marketing service provider MICE group?
What was the cause of this company’s demise. I heard rumors of profitability problems – could someone explain further? Why not profitable?

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Answer by JORGE W

There are many ways to market a small business on the web. You can buy banner ads, text links, or use PPC. However, the best way is to get listed in a bunch of portals. Portals and directories are like phone books, and they often provide a lot of traffic because they tend to rank high on Google.

This portal is giving away a free business card holder for lising your business (I got mine a few days ago in the mail). If you want to know about some other portals, just let me know.

Best of Luck

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11 2012

Professional Business Websites | Gogiro Internet Group

Gogiro offer businesses with affordable websites, SEO Marketing performance and Business Applications to help reach their full potential. We make it easy for you to become more competitive within your area with our local services, cloud platform, easy to use client user interface, and NO CONTRACTS!
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08 2012

Group photo with the Keynote Speakers

Group photo with the Keynote Speakers
seo business
Image by Interact Egypt – Play Innovation
Group photo with Dr. Yehia, Erica Hargreave, Dave and Deb , Audrey Scott and Daniel O2, Jen Pollack Bianco & Jan Polatschek.

Interact Egypt Website
Interact Egypt Twitter Account
Interact Egypt facebook Fanpage
Interact Egypt Linkedin Page
Egypt Innovation Entrepreneurs Linkedin Group


06 2012

General Group Photo


05 2012

How to create a facebook group – video tutorial – the best tutorial on how to create a facebook group. Please note this video is not created by Local SEO. We think it’s very informative and would like to share with our clients. If you like high quality free stuff about seo please visit our website. We have lots of free information. Let us get your website to the top of google.


05 2012

Bad Vibes on Vortex Marketing Group, does anyone know of negative comments or legitimate complaint about them?

Question by bob telo: Bad Vibes on Vortex Marketing Group, does anyone know of negative comments or legitimate complaint about them?
I am interested if any negative information or links exist that may indicate Vortex Marketing Group, Joel Sauceda and his other companies and affiliates, including the somewhat less than glamorous products offered. Odd informational responses from all the standard search engines seems to defy what the mathematical statistiscs should dictate. In all my internet searches, everyone seems to be showing only good responses front loaded and supported internally by other members and their links driving the most popular to appear relevent. It seems to be a very suspicious pyamidal scam. The self sustaining free peer support system determined to gain entry into respectable ecommerce. Like an Amway or other such systems, using devices to slowly bait the interest and slowly feed the info. I am very concern because a relative called to help introduce me to this with, you know, a free benefactor code. I’m looking for objectivity, and yes, I have a background in general advertising and direct mail.

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Answer by sweetdawn710

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05 2012

Certificate ceremony – Al Ansry group

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