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Recommend a reliable web host with great tech support?

Question by jade: Recommend a reliable web host with great tech support?
I need a new web host. I’m not interested in cheap, fly-by-night companies, but I need a solid hosting company that will provide great tech support for the variety of small websites I will be hosting with them. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated!

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Answer by therapy_reject
Heres an answer that doesnt look like an advertisement…….

I use and recommend HostGator. I’ve been with them for a while and never had any problems. From what I hear, their tech support is quick and helpful. They guarantee server uptime, and have great support for server side scripting. The plans arent too expensive, I’m paying 9/month for unlimited data/bandwidth/domains. Sure I could probably find it cheaper somewhere else, but like you I dont care for cheap fly by night companies.

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03 2013

I have a great idea for a commercial. How do I propose it to the company?

Question by applgrrl1: I have a great idea for a commercial. How do I propose it to the company?
I have an idea for a commercial for a huge, world-wide company. How do I go about proposing it to them? How do I make sure they can’t just take my idea without my permission? I have no idea where to start with this… Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Jim L
There is really no practical way to do this. You could write a script for a commercial, date it and then put a “Copyright 2010 Your Name” on the script. You don’t have to register it with the US Patent and Trademark office, unless the company tried to use the exact script without permission.

It is highly unlikely they will use your idea, one in a million. That is nothing against your idea, it may be fantastic. But they pay an ad agency millions of dollars to come up with commercials based on their precise marketing plan and target market they are aiming at. Also, many promotional campaigns are carefully planned to fit together, where magazine ads supplement TV which supports radio and so forth. Unless you have spent hours researching their marketing plan, it is unlikely that your ad will send the message they are looking for.

If you still want to try, call the company’s main number or go to their web site and ask who their ad agency is. Then call the ad agency to find out who their head account executive is for that account. Then talk to that person and pitch your idea to him or her.

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03 2013

what the best way to get great seo rating with little to no money?

Question by Dean Mitchele: what the best way to get great seo rating with little to no money?
There are so many way to do seo and so many programs out on the market. If someone was just strating and had little to no money how could the get their website to the top of google or yahoo. CAN YOU DO IT WITH NO MONEY AT ALL?????

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Answer by Nikhil
If you want to get good listing on google and yahoo without spending much money then you have to optimize you title tags and add meta description tags to each pages as relevant to the content and try to add unique content to your website and submit the same article to different article submission sites to get good traffic to your website. also bookmark your website to different social book marking sites and also take active part in social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.

This can help you to achieve good rankings in google and yahoo.

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10 2012

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08 2012

KV+ about Great Wall Hover diesel Part 2 (rus)

Kardanniy Val+ about Great Wall Hover diesel Карданный Вал+ о Great Wall Hover дизель – full video


07 2012

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06 2012

Battlefield 3: Hunting for DICE/EA dog tags with great success [1080p HD, Ultra PC footage]

Battlefield 3 EA community manager crash7800 hosted a EA/DICE staff gameplay event where I turned into a wide-eyed, flanking, knife wielding, dog tag taking Rambo. Thanks for coming out and being such great sports guys! Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: [FAQ:] How do you find devs to play with? Follow them on Twitter: RECORDING INFO: I use FRAPs for recording to a separate hard drive and Sony Vegas for most of the editing with a little After Effects here and there. I record on my home workstation (i7 930 at 3.5ghz, 6GB Mushkin DDR3 RAM, EVGA GTX 480, and 7 hard drives [80GB SSD for the OS and there’s a 1TB WD Black drive for the video). Game Settings: 75% Ultra, 25% high. I recorded the video to a 750GB WD Black 7200 RPM drive, which has several on board CPUs and 32mb cache, using FRAPs at 1920×1080. I rendered the final video using Sony AVC at 20mbps.
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05 2012 – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

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05 2012

FaceBook pages give great SEO Benefits

This video runs through what you need to do to benefit from having a FaceBook Page with regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). See for details on my Internet Marketing Conferences.
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05 2012

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05 2012

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