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A company I used as a supplier is now using my company name to gain search hits. Is there anything I can do?

Question by mo14mahoney: A company I used as a supplier is now using my company name to gain search hits. Is there anything I can do?
I own a very small farmers market based business and used a pretty large supplier for the specialized packaging of one of my products. I did a recent search for my company and their company popped up. Its not actually on their website but its written into their HTML source code. It even says “cheaper than” and then my company name. Now if someone searches for my company they find my past supplier! I think its completely unethical but feel like there is nothing I can do. Please help!

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Answer by brambo
that is a bit wrong, there should be something you can do about it, i am not sure exactly who you could talk to about it, but that is wrong i believe.

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05 2012

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12 2011

How can a photographer’s image-focused site gain PageRank?

How would a photographer gain any significant PageRank for his or her site when the subject that really matters—images—has no anchor text? Often, the photos alone will sell the photographer to his/her clients. How can we overcome this challenge? Land Lubber, Colorado
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