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The future of direct selling in India ~ A NDTV report 2011

visit – – ” The RCM Business School ” India, as an emerging economy, is now poised for an accelerated growth in the Network Marketing segment. Network Marketing in India is a blend of the old and the new where the bullock-cart and modern automobile move forward side by side. The traditional systems of Product based Programmes find their own niche along with Modern Internet based Online / e-Commerce Programmes. World over Network Marketing has become a successful concept that empowers ordinary people to turn into successful entrepreneurs. Basically, this concept is about distributing products directly from the manufacturers to the end consumers, thereby doing away with the traditional channel of distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Thus, the consumers get the entire benefit of direct selling. As per the latest figures, Network Marketing is today a more than US $ 100 billion industry, having presence in 125 countries. However, in India, the Network Marketing is still at a nascent stage. But, it is expanding at a phenomenal growth rate. The concept, which took roots around 10 years back, India, due to its population and largest independent consumer market in the world, is the most attractive proposition for Network Marketing, provided that it is customized to suit Indian culture as well as requirement. To grab a bigger pie of this lucrative market reputed MNC companies have entered the Indian market since 1998. It is believed that more than 50 lakh
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01 2013

Future is Search

Future is Search
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09 2012

Technology News | Future Technologies Today | Streaming Holographic Images

Only in America does real life tend to emulate art. Since the Princess Leia character was magically projected in 3D during the original Star Wars film, people have wondered if such a technology might really be possible STREAMING HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES A University of Arizona team says it has devised a system that can make a holographic display appear in another place and update it in near real-time. There appears to be huge potential. Imagine a very complicated surgical procedure – then with this system surgeons around the world could participate” We foresee many applications, for example in manufacturing,” said Professor Nasser Peyghambarian from Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences. “Car manufacturers or airplane manufacturers could look at holograms and design their systems in real time. They could look at 3D models and make changes as they go.” The system demonstrated this week is far from the finished product, but it gives a very strong hint of what might be achievable with further refinements. Let me explain how it works: Many different perspectives of the object or person are captured on a series of cameras arranged in a circle That information is simply sent across e net to conceivably be seen anywhere in the world A 3D holographic printing system receives the information and writes the images on toupdate screen. It updates a photosensitive polymer every two seconds; creating a changing hologram. No glasses are needed to see the images, merely some form of


09 2012

Internet marketing career in future?

Question by Raghu: Internet marketing career in future?
I was completed M.B.A(marketing),I am looking career in internet marketing,Can I expect bright career in internet marketing(seo) in future.

Best answer:

Answer by Valentin
The examples of internet “life” show prove that MBA is not a bonus to become an successfully internet marketer.

Even worst: if you think MBA is /was a goal, you may eventually end as employee in a “guru” team …

Bob Proctor was a simple firefighter. Mike Filsaime was a car salesman. And so on …
Papers proving you have spent last 20 of total 27 years of your life going to schools may support you to get a (better) job (maybe) ..

Real learning process start when you start DOING things.

In online marketing/business either first patiently build a reputation (that may take years …) either you invest big money (buy i-marketing courses, seminars, hire peoples to do things etc.) and push yourself forward.

I don’t want to discourage you, yet this is plain true.

And as topping on above : it takes time to climb to the top – to stay there is the hard issue.

My 2 cents.

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08 2012

Erik Qualman, EF Education on the future of search and social media at SES New York 2009

John Mulligan, SEO-PR, interviews Eric Qualman, Global Vice President of Online Marketing for EF Education, at SES New York 2009 about the future of search and social media. Erik describes the future of search as a competition between the major search engines and the various new social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook. As a result, Erik says the value of social media will only help to improve search. Eric goes on to describe the value of social media data with a specific example using Facebook. Erik describes the value of using social media applications that provide real-time data. Erik concludes by referencing his social media experiment as featured on Search Engine Watch to get a reading from the public on which social media application is the most popular. For more information on the next SES conference, please visit:
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08 2012

Nicholas Fox, Google, on future of search advertising at SES San Jose 2009

Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR, interviews keynote speaker Nicholas Fox, Business Product Management Director, Adwords, Google about Google adwords at SES San Jose 2009. Nicholas says the keyword isn’t dead but sees a future where you don’t have to give Google keywords but instead you can target your ads based on your business needs. Nicholas says with better ad formats that are more in sync with what users are searching for and with what the advertiser is trying to market, Google can do a better job of connecting the users with those advertisers. Nicholas says Google has seen great success with its conversion optimizer product, which is on a cost per acquisition basis yet still translates back into a cost per click bid per auction. Given this success, it’s easy for Google to see how advertisers are interested in tying their Adwords performance back to the fundamentals of their business. One of the big innovations in Adwords and search advertising in general, according to Nick, is the move from cost per impression to cost per click. Nick describes it as part of the natural evolution to go from cost per click to cost per acquisition. Nick says Google has hit a billion dollar run rate on its conversion optimizer product on an annual basis and Google expects that to continue. People can visit which will redirect users to a Google forum where they can provide feedback on the future of search advertising as they see it.


07 2012

Future Leaders

Attentive Future Leaders

What do you think about FACEBOOK going public today and the future of the social networking company ?

Question by threeplusonedollarbills: What do you think about FACEBOOK going public today and the future of the social networking company ?
Up against Google and other search engine companies and any other company on that matter.?

Best answer:

Answer by ElGrande
They sure didn’t set the stock market on fire today…

And I will NEVER believe that they are worth $ 100B. Ever.

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07 2012

Future of the pharmaceutical industry: new therapy, drug innovation, care and health keynote speaker Lack of drug innovation and empty pharmaceutical product pipeline. Generic manufacturer pharma competition and product recalls. Patent expiry and intellectual property protection. Legal challenges and research scandals. Biogenerics and large molecule therapeutics. Cellular mechanisms of disease. Unmet health care needs. Government purchasing policies and health insurance cover. Online pharmacy price pressures. Search for new health care treatment blockbusters. Chronic disease and orphan drug therapies. Rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Search for new antibiotics and multiple resistance infection problems. Search for powerful antiviral therapy. Future health funding and ageing populations. Contrast with emerging nations. Health treatment access and health injustice issues. Pharmacogenomics and gene prophecy. Ethical issues in gene therapy. HIV and AIDS search for treatments, cure and vaccine. Patrick Dixon, conference keynote speaker and futurist.


04 2012

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions