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How to make my website more search engine friendly?

Question by John: How to make my website more search engine friendly?
I own a company that specializes in Marble & Granite Sales and Custom Fabrication. We are the biggest in the Bay Area, Ca and I was wondering how I can promote and advertise the website better on search engine. For example, I want it to be when someone types in Marble, Granite etc that my company is the first to show up on google. How do I achieve that?

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Answer by Webman
I’m an SEO professional and offer you a comprehensive SEO package.

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08 2012

Enabling SEO Friendly URLs in MODx Content Management System

How to stop using urls like ‘’ and start using NORMAL, SEO friendly URLs. This video shows you how to edit your .htaccess file and enable the MODx CMS to use aliases for your documents.


07 2012

How To Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly How do you make your website ‘search engine friendly’ – you use something called ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO). Simply put, SEO is the practice of increasing your website’s visibility by improving its value to the search engines. The more search engines value your site, the higher they will rank it, and the more traffic you will get simply because more people find your website when searching for something they want. Content is King, according to Adam Price, MD of SEO Sitebuildercom. He says it’s in the search engines best interests to give a high ranking to websites that people will actually like and gain benefit from. Therefore you need to ensure that your website provides valid information for visitors. Generally, a short website (five pages or less) would not be classed as an information resource so make sure you provide enough content to make it worthwhile for people to visit. Keep focused on one theme. If you’re selling furniture on your website, stick to content that is relevant. Think ‘one website – one theme, one page – one topic’. Don’t be tricky.
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06 2012

Google I/O 2009 – Search Friendly Development

Google I/O 2009 – Search Friendly Development Maile Ohye Learn techniques to help bring your site more users through search engine traffic. This session focuses on how to maximize your site, your content, and your application’s exposure to search engines. For presentation slides and all I/O sessions, please go to:


05 2012

Start A Social Media Career | Web Friendly

Start A Social Media Career with Web Friendly Practical Hands On Social Media Training In An Interactive Environment, in Vancouver BC How will I make passive income with social media? Find just 10 clients paying you 0 per month to manage their Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Blog… and you’re making a passive income of 00 per month! Learn the secrets of setting up systems which require very little daily maintenance and create a lead generating machine… and you can earn much much more. Here’s the math if you earned between 0 to 00 per month per client. 0 month x 10 clients = 00 per month! 0 month x 10 clients = 00 per month! 00 month x 10 clients = 000 per month! Who will pay me 0 to 00 per month? Small to Mid Size Business: A quick search on Vancouver Craigslist will turn out hundreds of job posting for social media mangers. If this is not evident enough just do a little Google research for”jobs in social media” Government Grants: There are a number of government grants popping up for in-house media/marketing assistance and student workplace training for small to mid-size businesses. Keep an eye open at How will I find clients? The program will show you how to use social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and blogs to get new customers; and use the same strategies to get customers for your clients. What will I be required to do for each client? • An initial


04 2012

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Titles Here’s the process I use to create blog post titles that are extremely SEO friendly.


01 2012

How To Build an SEO Friendly Web Page – Part 1 – How To Build an SEO Friendly Web Page – Part 1 Learn how to create an seo friendly webpage in this video series. We will be using google’s own Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide as reference in this series to show you how to get your web page ranked higher in the google search engine and more traffic than you can handle. Enjoy!


01 2012

How To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

How To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly
seo search engine
Image by Kbedi
Search Engine Optimization can be tricky, but if you know a few things it can be a piece of cake. Read the full post:
How Difficult It Is To ‘SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZE’ Your Blog?

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12 2011

Joomla Tutorial – Search Engine Friendly Joomla

This tutorial will help you make a search engine friendly Joomla site. If you need to change suffix from .html to .htm, this is for you. For the plugin visit
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12 2011

SEO Blog Tips- How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post to Improve Search Engine Ranking http Learn the best seo blog tips and how to write seo friendly blog post to make the search engines and Google happy. This series will show you step by step how to form rich keyword content. http improve search engine ranking best seo blogging tips top search engine marketing tips internet marketing strategy best internet marketing tips network marketing training blog
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10 2011

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