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Steps To Hiring A Search Engine Marketing Firm

Some advice on how to go about hiring an SEO, SEM or PPC management company
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10 2012

Search Engine Marketing News | Ofcom Report

The latest Search Engine Marketing news… Ofcom tells us the UK lags on broadband and mobile according to it’s annual International Communications Market report Smart phones have some of the slowest data rates and Only a tiny percentage of UK homes have super-fast broadband compared to other nations, Ofcom reveals Less than 1% of UK homes have super-fast broadband, whereas nearly 30% of Japanese consumers have super fast connectivity. This is in the context of the UK having the highest growth in smartphone take-up, with a 70% rise in subscriber numbers in 2009. UK consumers are sophisticated smartphone users, being among the first to use mobile mapping and direction services. Ed Richards, chief executive of Ofcom said: “There has been a big change among mobile operators and an increasing consensus that UK consumers are early adopters and need lots of data. We are in a much better place than we were a year ago,” according to Mr Richards the UK’s roll-out plans are “most ambitious” The government is poised to announce large cash subsidies for firms who install high speed fibre to home networks. Whilst the speeds are being deployed more slowly, actual consumer take up is comparable to other leading countries and the UK leads when it comes to take-up of digital TV as i have forecast in the past. however internet-based TV services have failed to take off, largely due to the well-established pay TV market in the UK. The latest Internet News from Weboptimiser Ifyou would like
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09 2012

SEO Secrets, Tips and Lies: Inside how Google works for Search Engine Optimization

Google is the world’s #1 search engine. (For more free videos go to This video explores ‘secrets,’ ‘lies,’ and even ‘Easter eggs’ hidden inside the Googleplex that can help your small business be more effective at SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media Marketing (especially Google+), and even AdWords (Google’s PPC advertising platform).


09 2012

Does someone know a good Internet marketing services including search engine optimization service?

Question by John S: Does someone know a good Internet marketing services including search engine optimization service?
I’m looking for professional help for search engine optimization (SEO). Who can recommend a good service with good reputations?

Best answer:

Answer by seth r
ya check out they do great deals on directory submission which is a key part of link building.

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09 2012

Is there a search engine, that matches skills with careers?

Question by : Is there a search engine, that matches skills with careers?
Is there a search engine, where either:
You type in your skills and lack of skills and it gives you potential careers.
OR: You type in a career, and it tells you the skills you need for the Career.
I am not looking for work with particular companies, i am just looking for names of careers
Please just send me a hyperlink for the website, Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Boo

This is an irish site to help you find the right career. If you take the career skills self assessment test, it will give you an idea of what you would be good at, and what careers it thinks would interest you, in what areas. Hope this helps!

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09 2012

Will this be a problem for search engine rankings?

Question by Ruwan Kumara: Will this be a problem for search engine rankings?
I have a website which is working well, but now I want to change the appearance of it not the contents, so I just want to remove the whole files in hosting company and upload the new one with same content but different appearance, will this be a problem for my search engine rankings and any related ?

Thank you

Best answer:

Answer by Kristen
Removing all the files could essentially “reset” your rank.
Why remove them all? Modifying the template would be a better idea, you’d keep all the information on site, same URL structure, etc without upsetting the rankings.

Obviously any major change to your site can and will have an effect on your ranking, it just depends on how much.

If you’ve created a template and can change that (eg the look) then you stand a better chance of maintaining any ranking you’ve achieved. You don’t want to knock out your foundation.

That said, if it’s a new site it won’t matter so much.

Also, are you keeping the same URL or changing it?
Is your site currently in a non-SEO friendly format (eg flash) that you’re updating to a more friendly version? If so, do it.

Anther consideration is the end user. Does your current site navigate easily? How about your new one?

As much as ranking is important you must keep in mind the people using your site. If they like it you’re on the right path. If you only build for search engine spiders you could be missing out on myriad opportunities.

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09 2012

How To Dominate Search Engine Results?

Question by Erick L: How To Dominate Search Engine Results?
Hi guys i have a question how does one dominate a search engine results? just by doing it free without paying any money to adwords or any advertising company? How does one, top search engine results? How do they make their website top the no.1 on first page of google search engine?

Please Give Accurate Answers.
Thank you Guys

Best answer:

Answer by ipodtouchaddict
You could try a googlebomb, Link a certain word to a certain url (a lot), like linking the word “SUCK” to the url “” and the web spyder will pick up to link that searched word to that url.

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09 2012

After I reported the serach engine SPAM to yahoo, google and MSN, when the SPAM sites will be removed?

Question by WS: After I reported the serach engine SPAM to yahoo, google and MSN, when the SPAM sites will be removed?
My name search results have linked to porn site and I want the search engine company to remove them. I have reported to the forms provided by the sites but there is no response. I also want to know how long when the SPAM sites in my search will be removed?

Best answer:

Answer by kate
You can clear your search history on your own. As far as the site itself, it will be diverted in the future, but they aren’t removed from your history. They may drop out on RAM overflow, but if you want them removed, you do it.

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09 2012

How can I buy a template for a search engine like the one on blue nile?

Question by Brooke L: How can I buy a template for a search engine like the one on blue nile?
I work for a wedding bands company ( that wants to make our site more user friendly. We like the way that looks (the way that you can select from drop-down boxes to narrow down the search). We are currently using Yahoo Sitebuilder but are considering switching to Dreamweaver, so any comments on that are welcome too!

Best answer:

Answer by imisidro
You can check out sites such as where you can buy a template for your site. If you wish to be the only one using it, prepare to pay $ 2,000+ for the design. Of course you still have to customize it

I suggest you read Internet Retailer magazine — which is focused on those selling online. If you qualify you can get the magazine for free (otherwise you pay — though magazine subscriptions for your business are tax deductable anyway).

Internet Retailer recently produced a report called Guide to Retail Web Site Design & Usability which focus specifically on the ideas that worked for online retailers like yourself in terms of website design.

If you are considering redesigning your site, you may want to make this investment and read their tips and things to consider. In retail site design, oftentimes the size and color of little things such as your ADD TO CART button can spell an increase of 10% to your conversion rate or sales

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09 2012

Is there a desktop search engine that can index intranet sites?

Question by pbb_home: Is there a desktop search engine that can index intranet sites?
We have a local intranet in our company where all information is spread out all over the place. Some stuff is in wikis, other in Notes-driven websites, SharePoint portals, DotNetNuke, etc…

Is there any desktop search tool that can index all these sites and search them from one interface?

Best answer:

Answer by jkjkhardcore
yeah i got a couple links where you can download some:
Here’s one where you can create your own:
and here’s an article with information about it:

as for the a program that uses all search engines and combines it into one lol no I haven’t seen them.
They don’t even have that for yahoo google really… except some wierd ttoolbars that kinda do it.

If you create a intranet search engine you should be able to catagorize all your information and be able to create one for yourself without having to download several and trying to combine them (which is pretty tough lol)

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09 2012

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