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Advantages of email marketing The famous and the most important advantage of using an email marketing service for bulk emailing is saving time and money.
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03 2013

SMTP For Atomic Email Marketing Software | Watch and find out where you can get an SMTP server for Atomic email marketing software.
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02 2013

What is best email marketing company for a small business?

Question by : What is best email marketing company for a small business?
I’m looking to send monthly newsletters to my customers. I’m not a techie and just want to send a few simple emails. An easy to use program/service is my most important consideration, with affordability a close second. I have the emails, (I don’t need a list). What I need is the service/function.

Thank yoU!

Best answer:

Answer by nutritive
I know of a couple of options:

1) Constant Contact (http://www/ – their plans start at $ 15/month for 500 e-mails per month.

2) Cooler E-mail ( – starts at $ 19.95 for 250 e-mails per month.

I believe both of these services walk you through setting up your e-mail in HTML (if you want to).

Do you have a website for your business?
Even if you aren’t a “techie”, you can build a basic site which would give your business even more exposure. The company that I built my site through also offers e-mail marketing and it is included in the price of the web service. They also have a block-by-block site builder so you don’t need to know HTML and they submit all of your pages to the search engines so you get traffic more quickly. If you want to see the site I built with the block-by-block builder (with very little HTML knowledge) and find out about the web service/e-mail marketing, go to

Good luck!

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01 2013

Email Campaign? (help)?

Question by : Email Campaign? (help)?
I am a complete n00b.

I just started to work for an affiliate program and I have no idea how to get traffic.. my manager asked me if i was doing SEO PPC or Email and I said email cos i have no idea how to do teh other two …

Three questions:

What the hell is an email campaign?
How do you use it?
Do you know any good and easy noob friendly websites?


Best answer:

Answer by Sara
email campaign would be wat i call SPAMMING! .. lol no if u create a list where ppl have concented to recieving emails from u build the list that will automaticaly recieve emails from u about the product ur planning to sell .. i guess ud wana use an auto reply system search google for free autoreply .. they have programmes that will keep the list of ppl ur gona send emails to regularly and update it automaticaly bearing in mind u will need a link to a site for ppl to actually sign up for ur newsletter .. create an email link to ur product click send and wait for the ppl to come to ur site. I would think very carefuly how u intend to write the email u send maybe offer something free so u can guarntee ppl clicking on ur link to give u traffic. good luck

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09 2012

What are the steps for doing Email Marketing?

Question by : What are the steps for doing Email Marketing?
What are the steps for doing Email Marketing?
Is there any benefits for SEO purpose

Best answer:

Answer by Dana
One of the benefits is reduction in bounce rate.

Steps of email marketing:
1. Sign up with an email marketing service
2. Set up a campaign
3. Provide list of emails and names
4. Set up a newsletter or message
5. Send out
6. Test the campaign
7. Create another newsletter after a few days, send out and compare results.

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08 2012

Nuesion Web Marketing Video: Email Autoresponder How To info Nuesion Networks Revolutionists’ in Web Marketing discusses the benefits of Email Auto-Responders for your web site. Jerry Villarreal breaks down an example from a client site on a simple and effective email auto-responder. Jabel Ngo also offers various other tips and uses for Auto-Responders. This can help in various departments of your business via your online presence. More info visit: Join Our Video Podcast on iTunes. Search “Nuesion” and subscribe.


07 2012

How could I write an attractive marketing message to use it in email marketing?

Question by Sammora: How could I write an attractive marketing message to use it in email marketing?
I’m working as a web marketer in an arabian web solutions company, so I have to write a message to use it in email marketing … and I wish if you have an examples for these messages … thanks

Best answer:

Answer by brodan
You will need some training and a lot of practice. Email promos cannot be taught in one sitting.

Even if you are good at writing, email promos would still be different. There are techniques involved that are specially geared for Internet users.

You need to master creating great headlines. openings. body copy..even the P.S.

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07 2012

Can any1 tell me a source that provide home based SEO or e-mail marketing job without any investment from me?

Question by dey_prakash: Can any1 tell me a source that provide home based SEO or e-mail marketing job without any investment from me?
I have some experience on SEO job as i am doing it for few months in a world class organization. But due to timing problem i can’t continue my office job any more. Anyone please give me a source that provide any kind of online marketing job that i can do from my home. Pleaseeee.
I reside in India

Best answer:

Answer by Scott C
I would suggest looking at for projects.


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07 2012


I am reciving the mail from your office as under:
Google 10th Anniversary Awards Centre,
London W1U 4RY, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 7010285056

Fax:+44 870 495 6313, +44 870 471 8742

Dear Award Winner:

We are pleased to inform you that your email address has won an Award in
the Google 10 Years Anniversary Awards as organized by Google Inc., held
on July 6th,2009. in London, United Kingdom. Google Inc. randomly selected
20 email addresses through a computer ballot system to receive an award of
Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds(500,000.00) each as a part of
their for-profit philanthropic wing (GOOGLE.ORG) promotion.Awards MUST be
claimed by the email owner ONLY, not later than 3 weeks from the day of

Award Reference code: GOOGLE568A2009
File number: G245

Send your complete personal information with your Award
Ref. and File no. to
us to enable us process your claim

1. Full name: ……………………………………..
2. Country: ………………………………………..
3. Contact Address: ……………………………
4. Telephone/Fax no: …………………………
5. Marital Status: ……………………………….
6. Occupation: …………………………………..
7. Sex: ………………………………………………
8. Age: ………………………………………………
9. Email:…………………………………………….

Director of Operations: Dr.harry bob
Tel: +44 7010285056
Fax: +44 87049 56313,+44 870 471 8742
Please do not reply if you are NOT the owner of this email address.
Congratulations!! Sincerely Yours,
Google Management
After 10 years of establishment, Google Inc is worth over 23 Billion US
Dollars with over 20,000 workers worldwide making it the best and most
successful online search engine in the world.
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Stationery now!
Kindly advise whether it is true or somebody is playing fraud with me

Best answer:

Answer by greenhorn
This is a hoax mail, meant to get your personal details and, in course of time, more information of your bank a/c, passwords, etc. You may also be asked to remit money to UK to cover administrative, legal, or customs expenses, etc. Most such mails would be sent from countries other than where the addressees live, to avoid easy detection. Once you make any such remittance or provide your a/c details, you would not get any further e mails nor would any ‘prize’ be awarded to you. Your bank/credit card account would also be cleaned up by these people.
Please do not fall for this hoax. Google does not have any such 10th anniversary award lottery. Please delete this mail and also delete any similar e mails you may receive from others, quoting lottery wins from Yahoo/MSN/Toyota or other similar corporates, as these are all not genuine.

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07 2012

That is my email that i recive dose it realy?

Question by : That is my email that i recive dose it realy?
Google Corporations.
Belgrave House 76
Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 9TQ
United Kingdom.


Ref NO: JB/893-0821DQP/D,
Batch: GH838QPV.
That is my email that i recive dose it realy?We wish to congratulate you for being part of our winners selected this year 2012. This Google award promotion was set-up to encourage the active users of the Google search engine and the Google ancillary services.

Best answer:

Answer by nosdda
Its a scam, don’t touch it.

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06 2012

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