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2012 the year the US Dollar will collapse, US Dollar slippery slope to economic collapse

Watch this video – Gold is the product which sells itself. That’s why EmGoldex created a simple and affordable marketing program Goldex. According to this program any client of this internet store receives the unlimited bonuses in the long time period for advertising its production. The company expands its commodity market and the clients get a very profitable reward. Does it sound good for you? Than I tell you what you are expected to do. There are two simple steps. 1. You register in EmGoldex internet store and make a personal order. It costs 540 euros. Your order includes a prepayment of 500 euros for investment gold bars up to 100 grams and a subscription fee of 40 euros for the internet service. You get a personal internet office which helps you to manage your gold and money easier anywhere in the world. You pay only once it is also possible to withdraw this money according to the contract that you signed with EmGoldex. 2. Fullfill the marketing formula 1+2. In order to receive bonuses you need to recommend at least two people to purchase investment gold bars in the Goldex program this two orders will be considered at all subsequent circles and this people are expected to do the same thing to get their reward. As you see this formula allows multiply the amount of orders. The business model of this marketing program is based on tables of orders. Each table consist of 15 orders that are placed in 4 levels. When you pay your order you get into the main
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01 2013

Google’s US Economic Impact in 2009

Claire Johnson, Vice President for Global Online Sales and Hal Varian, our Chief Economist, talk about Google’s economic impact in 2009 and where we get the numbers. For more, visit


08 2012

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions