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Rolls-Royce Phantom–D&M Motorsports Video Test Drive and Review 2012 Chris Moran

TEST DRIVE and complete presentation of a stunning 2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom at D&M Motorsports. Presented by Chris Moran. Like the Great Pyramid of Giza, Rolls-Royces change shape slowly and imperceptibly without affecting grandeur or purpose. This evolutionary pace ensures that even older Rolls models will remain relevant and rewarding, creating no sense of shame for owners even when placed next to newer, fresher versions. That said, the single most noticeable change on the 2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom—the new front bumper—does just enough to tidy up the Phantom’s face that it might prompt customers to go ahead and toss down 0K for a new one anyway. Indeed, the nicely integrated fascia brings the bumper, fenders, and grille into agreement with each other. Together, they replace the clunky, unresolved front end that, frankly, made the pre-’09 Phantom look like it had already “menaced” a wall or two as part of the assembly process. Rolls-Royce made more changes to the big bad Phantom for ’09, including new power rear bucket seats; relocated rear climate, window, and audio controls; a new clock; fabulous new rear vanity mirrors; and, for the first time, the unique headliner that uses tiny lights to mimic twinkling stars—evidently, when you have this kind of money, the stars always come out at night. The iconic Rolls grille has also been tweaked, becoming shallower to mimic the Phantom Coupé and Drophead Coupé, and cast-aluminum 21-inch wheels are now standard, with two
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11 2012

Project Re: Brief – Amil Gargano – Re-imagining Volvo, “Drive it Like You Hate it”

In 2011, Google partnered with four global brands in an advertising experiment. The goal was simple – how can the ideas that defined the advertising industry in its infancy, inspire a whole new generation of creatives and marketers? We re-imagined and remade their most iconic ad campaigns from the 1960’s and 1970’s with today’s technology, led by the creative legends who made these campaigns. See how Amil Gargano, original Art Director of Volvo’s “Drive it like you hate it” came out of retirement to once again re-imagine his iconic ad in a film presented by Google and directed by Doug Pray. See how Amil Gargano, original Art Director of Volvo’s “Drive it like you hate it” came out of retirement to once again re-imagine his iconic ad in a film presented by Google and directed by


09 2012

Drive More Traffic to your Website with HitTail

Learn how to drive more traffic to your site at a lower cost. Interview with Mike Levin and Connie Connors, creators of HitTail.
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09 2012

Content Marketing Overview Videos – Using Content to Drive Traffic and Leads

Content Marketing Overview Videos – Using Content to Drive Traffic and Leads We have fifteen years of success helping businesses generate incremental revenue, leads, traffic and engagement – by creating high quality web sites with great content and then implementing a unique social media strategy and SEO campaign that help your business connect and engage with targeted social consumers or other businesses. Our empirical data indicates approximately 20-25% of web site traffic is generated via social media marketing and it impacts 20-30% of search engine ranking as well. We know how to cost-effectively leverage SEO and social media marketing to generate incremental traffic for your business. Our focus is on building a long term relationship with your business, brand and company — we hope the first project will be the start of a long productive journey. Please visit our SEO Services, Web Site Design, Video Marketing or Social Media Marketing Pages to get a finite grasp of what we charge and how we can help you grow your business! And/or reach out via our Contact Us page — we’d love to connect! Please Connect with our Social Media Accounts: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: LinkedIn: Linked Media Group’s Video Channel: Twitter Marketing Tips: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Account: How to Update and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: Advanced
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08 2012

what should I do to drive targeted traffic to my site?

Question by eteqdotcom: what should I do to drive targeted traffic to my site?
so far I have tried PPC,SEO,Social bookmarking, 4 press releases, link submission = Nothing have happend. I tried a couple of different freelancers to help me promote my site but NOTHING came out of it. I feel like all the marketing people promises but no one delivers. Does anyone have a working way (that wont ruin me) of how to generate “real traffic” to

Best answer:

Answer by Tibor P
I know how you feel, looks like the big hogs get must of the hits and buys. like ebay, yahoo, amazon etc. They have the bucks to have there listings right up on the search results from all the search engines, ecommerce has changed a great deal over the past 2 years, and it has pushed out the little guy, there were to many small scammers out there that ruined it for the smaller honest merchant, so buyers tend to buy only from well known companys, unless you have really something special to sell and there is a market for it, you would have all kind of traffic, depending what your selling you may drive traffic to your sites by joining fourms and posting your product there, example “you sell motorcycle gear’ well join alot of clubs around the world and make yourself known.
word of mouth still holds true today.
Good luck

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06 2012

How does a start-up drive users to its site on a limited marketing budget?

Question by WoodenFlute: How does a start-up drive users to its site on a limited marketing budget?
Spending marketing dollar$ is easy. SEO, PPC, ads, print, radio, magazine. For a start-up with a more limited advertising budget, where is the best bang for the buck going to happen? Blogs? PR? PPC/AdWords? Offline, online?

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Answer by mmmkay_us
pay per click on google and yahoo

you can set a max day spending limit and budget your money

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01 2012

How do your drive sales on the internet?

Question by Carole B: How do your drive sales on the internet?
I recently wrote a book and I’m trying to find the best way to market it via the internet. Search engines are foreign to me. How do you get a good ranking in the search engines? (I’m already working on increasing the number of hits to my website.) Check out my website and let me know if you have any suggestions. Serious answers only please.

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Answer by ebayerclub
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12 2011

How to drive visitors and traffic to your website!

In this video I will be giving you a few vital tips to help drive visitors and traffic to your website. It isn’t easy to gain more viewers but following these tips and tricks should really help boost your visitor count! Search Engine Submission: Follow Me:


11 2011

Web Traffic Magnet: 55 Free Things You Can Do to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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10 2011

Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization: Drive Traffic, Boost Conversion Rates and Make Lots of Money (Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guides)


09 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions