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Is having multiple domains display the same content considered black hat SEO or will it otherwise hurt rank?

Question by got answers?: Is having multiple domains display the same content considered black hat SEO or will it otherwise hurt rank?
Let’s say my name is Got Answers, and I’m in the chair selling business. I want as much organic SEO traffic as possible, in addition to my PPC traffic. I meet a lot of people around town, and of course, I have friends I’ve known a long time. My business card says gotanswers(dot)com on it b/c that’s my name and how they know me. On the other hand, people I don’t know who might be searching the web, might be more inclined to click on a link that says chairsalesman(dot)com and maybe even if I live in Boise Idaho I might want one that says chairsalesmanboise(dot)com . I have the same webpage I just want to upload it to several different domains to increase exposure and marketing. I’ve been reading Google Webmaster topics and can’t decide if this will help, hurt, or have no impact on my organic results.

What do you think? I figure it will at worst have no impact, I’m not really trying to trick the search engines, I’m just trying to make myself marketable to people I know, people I just met, people I’ve never met, etc.. and various urls might play better with different people..

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Answer by albert v
I suggest you use the service of , is the best service that you can find free on the internet to take traffic on your site.

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08 2012

Google vs. Yahoo – Online Display Ads Google buys Double Click Ad Exchange as the search engine wars and Ad competition continues http


03 2012

Advanced Google AdWords Tutorial 10 – How To Use Image Ads and the Display Network AdWords isn’t just about text ads, you can also venture into image and video ads that will run on the display network.
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02 2012

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11 2011

Can’t display my ad at google adwords?

Question by : Can’t display my ad at google adwords?
I have just register a domain at adsense under “Adsense for domains”
and create the following ad at adwords:

Online Jobs Part Time
Receive $ 250-$ 1000 daily. Do simple part time online jobs.

But I can’t see my ad, and at keywords there is “Ads rarely show due to low quality score ” when i click on keyword analysis there is the following.
Ad showing? No
You have reached and exceeded your budget.

For details on specific criteria for this test, click the following link.
Details and recommendations »

To match specific targeting conditions (like geographic region), use the
Ads Diagnostic Tool.

Quality Score: Poor (1/10)
Details and recommendations »

my maximum bid is $ 0.01 and daily budget is $ 10.00
But the main reason i find is
Quality Score: Poor (1/10) Loading…
What should I do?

Improve your landing page quality. The relevance of your keyword and ad text is high. However, your poor landing page quality is negatively impacting your overall Quality Score and ad performance.
Try one of the following:

Make your landing page useful, honest, and easy to navigate. Strive to create a happy and meaningful user experience. Learn more
Choose a more relevant landing page for your ad. Learn how

My conclusion that i can’t such domain at adwords.

Now sir please answers me the followings:
1) I can’t submit my domain into web directories, 95% require resiprocal link
2) I can’t make search engine optimization, Where i insert the meta keywords and meta description tags and where i insert the Google! Webmaster Tools’s code that provide me to verify before index.
3) Most of the forum block me due to the submission of invalid domain (Park domains are not allowed)
4) If can’t index my domain then what is PageRank and e.t.c.
The only way remain is to advertise my domain like CPC programs. (Like adwords).

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Answer by Isha

You have to learn all guidelines of Google adwords. You set a budget according to time limit..whether you want to run the campaign for the day only or you want to run the campaign until your budget reaches at end.
You can hire third party for smooth running of your campaign and search engine optimization. WebSarga is one of the company which provides you all web development, promotion, seo, leads etc at very cheap rates

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10 2011

Google Profile – Display Name In Search – 04/23/09

Google Profile – Display Name In Search – 04/23/09
google search engine optimization
Image by DavidErickson


07 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions