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Internet Marketing Directory Submission for Link Popularity

How to speed up the process of Directory Submission for link popularity and Internet Marketing with a free semi automatic form fill tool.
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07 2012

Is a listing in the Yahoo! Directory still valuable in terms of Search Engine Optimization?

Question by skitzil: Is a listing in the Yahoo! Directory still valuable in terms of Search Engine Optimization?
I’m considering the option of listing my website in the Yahoo! Directory. Before handing over $ 299, I’d like to know if it still has high value to search engine algorithms. I have heard that has lost a bit of value recently, with the advent of social bookmark sites. If that is true, has anyone heard the same regarding the Yahoo! Directory?


Best answer:

Answer by Adam Beazley
well the yahoo directory doesnt give you a direct link to your site, so you dont get the seo benefit of that link.

It doesnt hurt, but is it worth it……. I honestly didnt see any changes to my traffic after trying it, and I still have less pages in yahoo than any other search engine.

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06 2012

Business listing with a reputable business directory

How to list your website in one of the most reputable business directories. understand Search Engine Optimization and the importance of social network marketing, and how important business listing is for your off page optimization strategies. We know that small businesses have the challenge of getting attention online and really standing out from the crowd in their online marketing. That’s why we’ve made it easy to get all the social media marketing you need in one easy business listing package.


03 2012

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-Is,, or Directory Still Worth It/?

Question by Bennie Bob: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-Is,, or Directory Still Worth It/?
I run several sites, but one imparticular holds potential to be a large site. I have been reading countless articles on SEO and directories.

[[My Question Is This]]

Would you recommend,, or to submit for SEO purposes?

I have already submitted to Yahoo (still waiting for a reply). I am considering and as well, but each costs $ 299.99 (which is pricey if it doesn’t help my seo).

Can you give any insight into whether those 2 are worth it? Of course Dmoz is a lost cause…

Best answer:

Answer by Neha
Please don’t go for any paid site, there are a lots of free site for seo like :,,wordpress etc.

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02 2012

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02 2012

Video Testimonials – The Better Business Directory

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12 2011

e-strategy – Yahoo! Directory Search Results – 11/05/07

e-strategy – Yahoo! Directory Search Results – 11/05/07
internet marketing search engine
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Yahoo Directory search results page for "e-strategy."


10 2011

Directory of Advertising & Branding (BoogarLists)

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09 2011

SEO, Link Building, Link Directory Submission, Web Directories – A quick guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Link Building, Web Directories and our tool The Link for all your link submission needs


09 2011

SEO Marketing – Pay Per Click by Directory One Directory One – Houston Search Engine Marketing Company Pay Per Click listings are the prime real-estate of search engines and directories. These search engine listings appear before the natural listings under relevant searches (often in a boxed off area at the top of the page); and are commonly the first links that potential customers will see when they receive they search results. Go to http for more information. The following methods are available for you to speak directly with a Directory One representative, or request more information: By Telephone – Please feel free to contact us by telephone at one of the numbers listed below: Local – 713.465.0051 National – 1.800.477.1324 Fax – 713.465.8589 By Mail – 9135 Katy Freeway Suite 204 Houston, TX 77024 By Email – By Appointment – To set up a free, no-pressure appointment with one of our representatives, call us at: 1-800-477-1324


07 2011

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