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What is paid higher? a graphic artist job or a web developer job or a software developer job?

Question by cherry: What is paid higher? a graphic artist job or a web developer job or a software developer job?
i want specific answers. let us say they both graduated in the same school, both have good grades and both entered the same company. now which job is paid higher?

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Answer by Blackcompe
Software developer is the 3rd highest paid college graduate degree. Web developer would most likely be considered software development. And, graphic designer , would most likely make less, initially.

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12 2012

Average salary range for Web App Developer?

Question by Ryan P: Average salary range for Web App Developer?
I’m 23 in Baltimore, MD and graduated in 12/05 with a BS and have been working full time ever since (since 1/06, a year and 5 months experience). I’ve been offered a position starting at 65K with a really fun marketing and web company 15 minutes away with 4 weeks paid vacation.

This was my first offer in my search, but honestly I’m thinking of taking it (looks like a fun/friendly place to work). Does that salary figure seem to low though? Thanks.
Oops, I didn’t mean to make my question sound greedy, I meant to ask if that salary figure sounds about average given my experience. Thanks.

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Answer by Tim D
Geography makes a big difference in pay scales. See for a free gerenalize profile based one a few questions and your zip code they can tell you pretty close to what you should be making.

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03 2012

Should I quit making my boss so much money and be a freelance web developer?

Question by herbertfilby: Should I quit making my boss so much money and be a freelance web developer?
I’m a web designer/developer for a small marketing firm run by a husband and wife. I’ve been here for almost 2 and a half years and the stress is starting to show in my work due to the large workload, my quality is suffering and I keep making little mistakes. I work an average of 9-10 hours per day (on salary, so I am forced to work longer hours with no overtime pay).

My boss and I are constantly arguing over what to send the client because they have very specific demands, which aren’t always for the best of marketing for them (ie. their ideas suck, and I have to do it regardless so they don’t complain, but then the campaign doesn’t return a lot of interested buyers so the clients b*tch at us for not doing a good job).

I make $ 28k per year, I create e-commerce sites, email newsletters, SEO updates, general web updates, print ads, and anything else we need to market the client electronically or in print. Statistically speaking, I should/could be making between $ 38k-55k for my experience and education.

I know that I bring in at least $ 18,000 per month for my boss (who owns a $ 300,000 house). If I went freelance, it would be hard finding the clients but the potential for making more money is greater. It’s ironic, because he actually had quit his old job to start an independent business for the same reason.

Should I just suck it up and keep this job, or should I give up that security blanket and try something while I’m young? (I’m 25 years old). He claims that if I stick with it, he’ll eventually give me the business when he retires… but I don’t think I want it. I can’t handle so many clients at once like he does… If I were freelance, if I could bring on 1-2 clients at $ 1500-3000 per month, I’d have a third of the headache for just as much money. Right now I’m juggling about 4-5 clients, as well as training a new girl they just hired.

Other factors to include:
– Having an office job for over two years, I’ve gained about 40 pounds. If I quit, I would have more time to focus on my health rather than working long hours and not having time to spend improving myself.
– I have a girlfriend 2.5 hours away that would just love it if I’d quit my job and find something closer to her.
– I currently live with my parents. I’m paying $ 100 a month to help dad out, so I’m saving about $ 500 a month in rent by staying with them… which I would give up if I quit and moved away.

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Answer by Loadnabox
Owning a business is very tough. The #1 issue you will face will be talking to the clients. This sounds sooo simple, but developing a working relationship takes a lot of face time and smiling pleasantries. IF you can do it, go for it, more power to you!

You could also start trying to peddle your abilities on the side to make money for yourself, but you would need to be careful not to get caught or you will have royally fudged yourself.

Running a business is harder than you think but well worth it if you can do it!

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09 2011

Are there any companies that will partner with a software developer to market a custom software application?

Question by zac: Are there any companies that will partner with a software developer to market a custom software application?
I have a software package that I have been marketing for over 9 years online. I use adwords and search engine optimization. My sales are good but I want to take them to the next level. I know that there are advertising agencies out there, however, they charge high fees even if they do not help you sell an products. I am looking for a company that will partner with me.

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Answer by Benjamin
more then likely they will just want to buy the rights to your software and market it as theirs

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07 2011

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