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12 2012

House Fire Close Call / FCII Helmet Camera

This is job we had where as you will see in the video, it could have been very bad for the firefighters if they entered the house. There has been several incidents lately of firefighters falling thru floors, so when I reviewed the footage I put this video together for all of us and mostly probies. It was 2 am and after being barely awake, I’m just glad I noticed the floor. If this helps anyone else out, that’s great. I also have it available for “FREE DOWNLOAD” on our website at in the community section or for training officers. The FCII Fire Helmet Camera is available at .


01 2012

Is SEO really even close to as important as marketing? How do you actually market a site to begin with?

Question by EyceMan: Is SEO really even close to as important as marketing? How do you actually market a site to begin with?
I have a few sites that I started up but nobody visits them because nobody knows about them. But is this because I did not optimize my SE marketing or because I just did not push enough oomph into marketing in the first place? It seems that SEO is a buzzword but all it really is is optimization of your search engine marketing campaign. But no matter how hard I look I don’t really see that many nice and innovative and useful articles on the net about pure marketing on the internet.

Can anyone list some cheap ways to market websites such as health and weightloss blogs?
Ok I guess my question was, besides fighting for positions in the search engines, what other ways are good to market a brand new website. Adwords? I mean you have to get the word out. I don’t want to just OPTIMIZE my SE campaigns…I want to know how to use them to drive traffic to my websites without worrying about how google or yahoo “ranks” my site. There must be feasable ways to market a website with total disregard for what a search engine thinks of your efforts, right?

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Answer by Truffle lover
There’s no way for anyone to find your sites without SEO. Now you can do it by hiring a company or you can do it yourself. A company I found useful is . Did you submit your site to all the search engines? Do your meta tag key words appear on the main body? I know it’s a pain but, with millions of web sites, you need to work on them to make sure your site appears when people do a search- otherwise they may as well not be there. I hope this helps!

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12 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions