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City Of Violence

Korean cinema’s assault on the senses of Western filmgoers continues in dazzling style with this violent crime martial arts thriller – the latest offering from the man who has been hailed as the Korean Tarantino, “Crying Fist” director Ryu Seung-wan. 2006 CJ ENTERTAINMENT INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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08 2012

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04 2012

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01 2012

What resources & time is required for SEO for city wide Interior Design Services?

Question by The Traveller: What resources & time is required for SEO for city wide Interior Design Services?
We are operating a mid scale Interior Design company. We are quite technically strong & have been using some basic SEO, Adwords & other Marketing Tools which are already bearing results. However as a policy we want to go ahead with a serious SEO division. Can you suggest what resources we should have in terms of dedicated staff (WebMaster / SEO Optimizer / Content Writer)? Also is it advisable & safe to use software for seo optimization. We plan to use only white hat techniques? Some background information:

1. We only want to do area specific promotion.
2. This is for India, so the competition is not so strong yet.
3. We can deliver regular content for Articles & Forums at least once a week.
4. No problem in spending but definitely need a value for money plan.
5. Any & all tips are welcome.



Best answer:

Answer by ChucksIM
Hi SN,

You have missed an excellent opportunity for having a valuable link from Yahoo. You should edit your question and add the url of your website and include the area and your keywords that you have targeted. Say a bit about the Interior design company.

Only the question can carry your own website url, the answerer cannot as it is considered spam.

In answer to your question. There is no need to employ dedicated staff as all of your requirements can be outsourced unless your current actions are bringing in sufficient business to justify this.

Once set up it is just small adjustments to the website based on ongoing keyword research when slightly different phrases are found to be better at bringing in customers. Targeting a specific area makes your business highly possible to get Page 1 position 1 and more for your keywords – keywords are what people searching for your product or service would put into the search box. My website is page 1 position 1, 2, 3, 4 and others for “local business SEO Halifax” and “Google SEO Halifax” and other keywords.

You do not need to add articles or comment on forums until the competition increases. I have seen plenty of businesses listed on page one without a website and only a business directory listing.

Your must do task is to have a Google Places listing. This will be the closest action to a guaranteed page 1 listing as these are shown on Page 1 along with a map of where you are located. There are only 7 Places listings shown per search term. Check your competition, put your keywords into Google search and see what is shown. From this you can judge the competition strength and target beating them.

The Google places listing is also mobile optimized so great for passing traffic.

Contact me and I can send you a free guide on how to set up your Google Places listing. It is valid around the world.

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12 2011

City Blogging: A Guide to Local SEO

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10 2011

The 2009 Report on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing: World Market Segmentation by City

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09 2011

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09 2011

Local SEO-Kansas City Small Business Marketing Consultant

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08 2011

The 2009 Report on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing: World Market Segmentation by City

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08 2011

What are the odds of getting a job in your city?

Question by biggie_mac: What are the odds of getting a job in your city?
Fact: I graduated a highschool and a college(both of them IT based), I have 2 years experience in a company in selling/marketing/programming. I speak 3 foreign languages. I have medium knowledge in several programming language(php/html/java script/mysql/flash) and picture editing(photoshop/corel draw) and I’m god at SEO(search engine optimization). Designed several web,sites, wrote and designed several articles for magazines, etc

So…my question is…would a man with this description find a job in your town? Because I live in Romania and in my city I can’t find a job in mostly any field(of course leaving out jobs like shoe sale sman or selling tomatoes in the market). But what are the odds of a guy like me(22 years old) finding a job in a similar position in your town?. I ask because I just want to know if it’s just my city/country that sucks or would I have the same fate in any city/country?

Best answer:

Answer by gabbyx19
No…my town is too small and there isn’t any tech jobs.

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06 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions