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Does anyone know of any Web sites that feature marketing campaigns that were successful?

Question by JB: Does anyone know of any Web sites that feature marketing campaigns that were successful?
I’m looking for examples of marketing strategies that worked worked and why. And if numbers are included that’s always good too …

Best answer:

Answer by Trixi
If you are talking about online marketing, then there are some sites where you can learn about your competition. Try It used to be free, but now you have to pay to use it. It lets you look at the keywords, bids and other information about other companies online advertising. It’s pretty cool.

As for strategies that work, here are a few to get you started:
1. Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word – people are more likely to click
2. Never say “Save 30%”. No one cares. Give an exact number, like “Only $ 199”.
3. You can’t say Best, but you can say “unbeatable”.
4. Always run a few ads and decide which one brings in the most sales
5. Use analytics. You can get a great analytics program for free from google. Try to sign up
6. Join an affiliate program. There is usually a sign up fee, look at “commission junction” for example, but after that fee, you only pay a commission on sales, so you only pay if you are making money. It’s a win win 🙂
7. Lastly, Google, Yahoo and MSN all offer tools for you to find keywords… Use them, but with a grain of salt. Those tools are not designed to give you conversions, they’re designed to make money for Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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02 2013

Managing PPC campaigns using Acquisio’s media platform with Matt Van Wagner, Find Me Faster

Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR, interviews Matt Van Wagner, Find Me Faster, about managing PPC campaigns using Acquisio’s performance media platform.
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01 2013

Michael Fisher of Coldwell Banker discusses On Location’s successful viral marketing campaigns

Michael Fisher, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Coldwell Banker, talks to SEO-PR President Greg Jarboe about the success of On Location’s viral marketing campaigns. Fisher is very happy with their YouTube channel, and how it energized their network by showcasing what video can do for them. Fisher says that the future of real estate will involve video because it’s fairly simple to get started and to organize the campaign. Fisher gives as an example of a successful video campaign the test case of a woman from Salem MA, who has a bubbly personality and is perfect for video. Her onscreen talking about the property not only makes the property feel better, but also gives the potential consumer the essence of what she is going to be like and how she can help market her property. She also has a great video bumper that she uses for all her video listings. Its a coffee mug on the beach on Boston’s north shore with seagulls in the background, she picks up the mug takes a spit and puts it back down, all you see is the mug with a little lip mark on it, and she says ‘That’s why I live in New England’. Videos like that get the viewer excited about moving to the area, and when she comes in and tells you about the property, you are sold 10 seconds into the video.
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08 2012

PPC Best Practices: 10 Secrets for Paid Search Campaigns – Learn 10 secrets Fathom SEO uses when running Paid Search campaigns. From refining keyword lists and A/B testing to tracking software and landing page creation, we show you PPC best practices. Fathom SEO’s Joe Soltis explains PPC best practices to improve your paid search campaigns. To learn more about Fathom SEO’s Paid Search services, visit
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02 2012

Promote Events with Paid Search Campaigns – Video from Apogee Search

Vivian Chang, a Paid Search Consultant at Apogee Search, provides some information and tips on how to use paid search campaigns for promoting events. Visit for more search engine marketing resources. Check out the Apogee Search Marketing Blog for video updates and to learn more about search engine marketing, http Don’t forget that you can watch this video in high quality by clicking the “HQ” button on the bottom right of the video player.


12 2011

Social Media Tips For Great SEO and PPC Campaigns uses its powerful social media (Twitter, Facebook, Wiki) engine to find new risers in social media and to help your PPC and SEO compaigns. Did you know that expensive keywords aren’t beyond your reach? Check out this video to see why..


12 2011

Free PPC Spy Keyword research software. Veiw adwords campaigns and clickbank links. Learn how to spy on other people’s Google Adwords campaigns. Gather huge keywords lists. You can also see clickbank affiliate URL’s, so you can copy and profit from their campaigns. You can see how to do simple keyword research, you must have the firefox browser to make this free PPC software to work.
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11 2011

SEO Tutorial – Google Insights for SEO campaigns

James and Nick from the Creare Group discuss Google Insights for SEO keyword choice and for looking at the future of your campaign.
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10 2011

Search engine marketing campaigns make a local call.(Cutting-Edge Technologies for the Contact Center)(search engine marketing ): An article from: Customer Interaction Solutions


09 2011

SEO and PPC campaigns?

Question by AugustWind: SEO and PPC campaigns?
What are the pros and cons of choosing key phrases from SEO or PPC for each other’s campaigns?

Best answer:

Answer by jim c
The keywords you choose are the most important part of online marketing.

I am a professional SEO and do this for a living full time.

Use some common sense with keyword selection and your conversion rates will be much higher than avarage even if your site is lacking a little.

I have a friend who owns a web design company and he wanted to target “web Design” as his top level phrase. I refused. He was looking at quantity, I was looking at quality.

I went with phrases that hinted of someone looking for a professional designer.

The phrase “web design” is a general term and the searcher may be just looking for information.

But if someone looks for phrases with buying or hireing words in the phrase, you pre-qualify the surfer. this greatly increases the odds of conversion.

By the way, He now turns down clients on a daily basis.

Why pay for clicks and bandwidth that are not going to convert.

Choose wisely!

The phrases will work on either campaign if choosen correctly.

Pay Per Click has a lower click through rate on average, but you have advantages with pay per click, you can control the ad text, which helps.

You have less control with the title on the site for seo, there are guidlines that need to be used for SEO to be effective.

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08 2011

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