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Autonomy, HP Company: Promoting Optimost campaign bid optimization technology at SES Chicago – Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Matt Malden, Autonomy, an HP (Hewlett Packard) Company, exhibiting as a Gold Sponsor at SES Chicag…


03 2013

Email Campaign? (help)?

Question by : Email Campaign? (help)?
I am a complete n00b.

I just started to work for an affiliate program and I have no idea how to get traffic.. my manager asked me if i was doing SEO PPC or Email and I said email cos i have no idea how to do teh other two …

Three questions:

What the hell is an email campaign?
How do you use it?
Do you know any good and easy noob friendly websites?


Best answer:

Answer by Sara
email campaign would be wat i call SPAMMING! .. lol no if u create a list where ppl have concented to recieving emails from u build the list that will automaticaly recieve emails from u about the product ur planning to sell .. i guess ud wana use an auto reply system search google for free autoreply .. they have programmes that will keep the list of ppl ur gona send emails to regularly and update it automaticaly bearing in mind u will need a link to a site for ppl to actually sign up for ur newsletter .. create an email link to ur product click send and wait for the ppl to come to ur site. I would think very carefuly how u intend to write the email u send maybe offer something free so u can guarntee ppl clicking on ur link to give u traffic. good luck

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09 2012

I have a website and right now I can’t really afford to start an ppc campaign?

Question by Tom J: I have a website and right now I can’t really afford to start an ppc campaign?
could I use Goggles ad word tool just for plain organic seo keyword research? One thing I don’t understand about adword is if you are bidding for keywords and for example I bid 0.50 for a keyword and someone else offers a $ 1.00 that means that person wins the word and I could not use it when I started a ppc adsword campaign? It may sound like a stupid question but I just don’t know?

Best answer:

Answer by Ian L
There are many ways to market on a small budget. I have encountered the same problem and would like to help.

Contact my business at

I won’t charge and would love to help you out. Helping network people are a great way to get your name out.

Hope to hear from you and good luck!

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09 2012

How to Develop a Successful Social Media Campaign – with Eric Enge

In this video interview, Internet marketing expert Eric Enge outlines the various steps involved in developing – and experimenting with – a social media campaign. First, says Enge, you need to define your objectives and decide how you’ll measure success. Typical objectives might be: to lower the cost of customer service, or to build your brand, or to get new customers. Next, you need to figure out where your audience is, on what social media sites they can be found. One approach is to see what your competition is doing, but you’ll need to experiment here. Now, determine what resources you need to accomplish your objectives and develop your content. You’ll need to plan content that is relevant to your business and fits your audience well. Since this kind of content creation is so closely related to your business, it is difficult to outsource completely. Stay in close touch with content creators, since they don’t understand your business or market as well as you do. Experimentation – and mistakes – are an essential part of the process of finding success with social media. You might position this to your boss as ‘the ramp-up time before we see a benefit.’ Finally, measure so you can learn from and improve your campaign in the future. Eric Enge is the CEO of Stone Temple Consulting (, a holistic search engine optimization firm offering expertise in SEO, PPC, and social media optimization. This interview was recorded on August 17, 2011 at the SES Conference


07 2012

Hammonds Furniture – Integrated Marketing Campaign created by Brass.

If you thought the world of fitted bedrooms had to be all cosy and tranquil, think again! Our work for market leaders, Hammonds, reinvigorated their brand utterly with a fresh, vibrant look that leapt off the page and computer screen. The campaign embraced a raft of media channels, flowing seamlessly from press ads to brochures to a new website; ensuring the Hammonds’ brand was bright eyed and bushy tailed once more! To find out more about what Brass Agency has done for Hammonds Furniture, please visit


05 2012

Multi-Channel Campaign Tracking A Strategic Approach to Integrated Marketing Part 4—Cross Media Campaign Tracking Louise Rijk, VP of Marketing & Sales at Advanced Media Productions, discusses the ins and outs of multi-channel campaign tracking across various media, both online and offline, to set goals, define a target audience and identify strengths and weaknesses for both.
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05 2012

Strategic Law Firm SEO – The Basic Components of an Attorney SEO Campaign The introduction to a new series of videos focusing on law firm SEO, based on the book Strategic Law Firm SEO. This introductory video discusses the major components of a law firm SEO campaign. http


04 2012

How can I track my ads and PPC campaign performance?

Question by nayya_paar: How can I track my ads and PPC campaign performance?
I a using for individual tracking. the visitros that have visited from PPC or adsense have a gclid with the page url.

How can I find which adin my campaign , the user clicked??
How can I track ads performance with Google analytics

can I decode this gclid??

Best answer:

Answer by Avdhut S
Use Google’s conversion tracking, for more info see the source below:

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03 2012

Building a Pay Per Click Campaign … if you had a website and wanted more traffic, how would you search?

Question by rus_hajek: Building a Pay Per Click Campaign … if you had a website and wanted more traffic, how would you search?
Specifically – If you wanted to find a company to get you more traffic to your site, What Search Term would you use?

I would use “Search Engine Marketing” “SEM” “SEO” etc. BUT if you didnt know these terms what would you use?

Best answer:

Answer by imisidro
Use generic words such as:

“get traffic”
“increase traffic”
“get hits on website”
“free traffic sources”
“how to get visitors”

and variations thereof. SEO or SEM is a little advanced for newbies.

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03 2012

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02 2012

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