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03 2013

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using facebook as a business profile?

Question by Tygrysita: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using facebook as a business profile?
I need to know why should I put my company profile in Facebook. What are the advantages that I will gain from doing so?

Please I really need this question answered. If you do know it, please be kind to put your answer.

Best answer:

Answer by StarStar
First off, beware of the Nike answer, that is SPAM.

Advantages of using facebook as a business profile:

– it is a world-wide social network, therefore you are likely to be able to contact people across the globe.

– more will be aware of what it is you are trying to promote, because it is out in the public domain.


– hackers/spammers (be sure to change your password frequently)

– be sure to approve your comments

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03 2013

How do I start a business with little or no capital?

Question by fun4kev_snoopy: How do I start a business with little or no capital?
I have a great idea about starting a business to service corporate companies with boquets of fresh and beautiful flowers in lobbies and for weddings.

How should I go about starting this without haveing to spend to much money?

Best answer:

Answer by mael
Do I hear no capital? Remember, no capital, no gain!

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03 2013

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03 2013

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03 2013

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03 2013

how does Vista print and all the web base publishers make money if they do free business what is the catch ?

Question by Robots: how does Vista print and all the web base publishers make money if they do free business what is the catch ?
If they are making money base on the what they charge does that means the traditional publishing companies are ripping people off base on how much they charge for printing business cards.

Best answer:

Answer by imisidro
Vistaprint offers free business cards — and achieves two things with the strategy:

1 – they use the lure of free business cards so you can try out their service and hopefully purchase their paid items

2 – they market their business through you, because their name is printed at the back of every free business card. So the more you give your cards away, the more people will know that Vistaprint is a place to get free cards

It is possible that a significant percentage of free business card users come back again to Vistaprint and purchase the paid versions so as not to have any advertising on their cards. Vistaprint views their free business card giveaway as a marketing expense.

This strategy — giving away basic services for free and charging for premium products or services — is a business model used by other companies such as Skype and even the Korean social networking site Cyworld where membership is free but page embellishments such as background scenes and other graphics to decorate the site are fee based

It’s just like giving you a free taste of what it’s like — and when you like it, they start to earn money from you

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03 2013

Does anyone have any good ideas for a “catchy” name for a Internet marketing business??

Question by valuecom: Does anyone have any good ideas for a “catchy” name for a Internet marketing business??
I own a web business, I have been doing web development fo over 15 years. I do fairly well at it.

I want to start a separate off-shoot of the business for web design sparate from the local search directories I own in Atlanta.

I play around in here sometimes so I thought I would see if anyone might have any suggestions.

Best answer:

Answer by boris
i’ve noticed more companies using common words, with a shorter, uncommon spellings. take “flikr” for instance. i’ve always liked the word “focus” spelled “FOKUS”. that’s how some countries in europe spell it.

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03 2013

Top 5 Mistakes Most Business Owners Make and How To Fix Them – Run A Successful Business!

See more and get all resources mentioned in the video here: There is a lot to do when you are running a business and there is a science to doing it correctly. By avoiding the top 5 mistakes that most business owners make you can run your business a lot smoother, become very efficient and a lot more profitable. The question is…are you making these mistakes? You probably are but that is ok! As long as you are aware of the problems you can now focus on correcting the issue and begin your path to a running a great company. If you want to run a business efficiently and successfully the first thing you need to realize is that you can’t do it all. You need to understand you are a business owner not a worker. This means you shouldn’t be working in your business you should be working on your business. Bring in help, hiring help, or using marketing companies and services can really go a long way in bringing your business to where it needs to be. Creating systems, steps and procedures will help you get to the level of successful business owner. By watching our video we will show you how to correct the most common business mistakes and begin leading a successfully business.


02 2013

Business TV Stefan Tornquist – three secrets of web success

In this business tv show, expertStefan Tornquist, Research Director of Marketing Sherpa, reveals three things that a website must have if you want it to draw traffic, get that traffic to stick on the site, and make sales: “Well I think the advice that would apply to anyone, whether you’re selling to huge companies or to consumers is to really simplify your website. I think a lot of us come into the online world from a traditional background we want things to be beautiful, we want things to be exciting especially if we have a compelling brand that we sort of, shown through the website but the more research we do the more, well at least I’m convinced that complicity and ease of use are really, they’re not just the important thing online, they are the only thing and the more we do, the more we see that simple websites with clean text people can instantly access and where the message and the action and the product is very easy to find, very easy to buy those are the sights that do very well so that’s the first piece of advice. The second would be, clearly search has dramatically changed the way that all of use the web and marketers need to be highly conscious of that, we need to design our websites from the ground up to be friendly to the search engines because there’s nothing that pays better than a high natural search ranking. I’m sure all of you no but of course every website, every search website has a paid component and a natural component and that natural component is
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02 2013

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions