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The Importance of Link Building to Increase Your SEO | Volusion Ecommerce Roundtable – Welcome to another episode of Ecommerce Roundtable by Volusion. Today, Matt, Molly and Landon discuss the importance of link building to increase your SEO and be found within the search results of the major search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing). If you have more questions, visit Volusion’s blog at
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12 2012

Best link building experience?

Question by Bolenger Tailer: Best link building experience?
What’s your favourite method to build backlinks (the one that works best)?

1. Forums
2. Blog Comments
3. Article Publishing
4. Article Directories
5. Mini-sites
6. Social bookmarks
7. Video Sites (Youtube etc…)
8. Other? Please explain…

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Best answer:

Answer by megaboobaa
I used the Search Engine Visibility as my Search Engine Optimization service to bring my site Popular in search Engines, I got the Traffic Blazer Service at low cost here now my site get good rank in Google….

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10 2012

What is more effective in terms of internet marketing – link building to a category or specific article?

Question by : What is more effective in terms of internet marketing – link building to a category or specific article?
I am learning about SEO and Linking etc and I am using WordPress. Is it better to link to a specific article or the entire category in terms of long term search rankings?

Best answer:

Answer by MediaCollective
If your using wordpress it already has a native ping to search engines for top level and articles.

When link building it is best to keep in mind relevance to content on the page. For general directory or top level concepts submit for example you have a Gardening website, submit your Organic category to organic related gardening sites, Garden tools, to the garden gadgets listings. You can also use this url method when commenting on blogs relevant to the topic.

Meaning in the signature area use the appropriate URL to top level category.

Page specific gets automatically submitted on post by default in wordpress (pingomatic typically)

Utilize your social networks ie twitter, facebook, delicious, digg, technorati pages to broad cast specific urls.

Hopefully you have the “sexy bookmarks” plug in to allow your readers to help you with page specific bookmarking and sharing which will help you.

Also, another tactic is to guest post or share a specific article with a complementary with your topic site.

As always in link building use your long tail keywords -that are relevant to the page topic ex: “10 top gardening tools” as your link vs.

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09 2012

Building a baby Austin7 MK1 Mini – BMC, Longbridge PART 1/2

A very early BMC film of the original Mini being built from Start to finish at the Austin Factory, Longbridge – happy times. Sadly, most of the factory has recently been demolished. The Mini production assembly remained virtually unchanged for 40 years.
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09 2012

SEO Tips – Traffic Building #4 Training Using free Google Pages to increase traffic to your website. This video tip by Promote SEO explains how to increase your website traffic. Learn more about SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing – Diploma of Internet Marketing & Certificate of Internet Marketing training courses. Australian Institute of Internet Marketing SEO Specialist Brad Hauck
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08 2012

Get Backlinks – Link Building Tutorial & SEO Tools

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08 2012

Link Building Secrets – Affiliate Summit Webinar

Learn about how to get high-quality back links for your website. As we all know, the ability to produce quality, related links back to our websites and blogs is a major factor in how Google and other search engines rank us. More at In this free webinar you will learn the best ways to build links and leverage social media for search engine visibility. This webinar will explore the components of a successful SEO campaign, identify 13 actionable link building tactics and introduce the best way to leverage social media in an SEO campaign. Our featured presenter is Chad H. Pollitt, Director of Social Media & Search Marketing — Kuno Creative.


08 2012

slide: what is it like doing business in the current market? Building and Growing Your SEM Biz – sempdx searchfest 2009 – _MG_0079

slide: what is it like doing business in the current market? Building and Growing Your SEM Biz – sempdx searchfest 2009 – _MG_0079
marketing seo
Image by sean dreilinger

the Building and Growing Your SEM Biz panel at the
2009 SEMpdx searchfest, included presentations from:

adam audetteGrowing your SEM Biz
Rand FishkinBuilding & Growing your SEM Biz
anne kennedya proust questionnaire for business

moderated by Lisa Williams

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view slide: what is it like doing business in the current market? Building and Growing Your SEM Biz – sempdx searchfest 2009 – _MG_0079 on a black background.


08 2012

8 Top SEO Tips YOU Must Do When Building A New Website

Visit for more information and some great SEO tips and really simple SEO strategies. Top SEO Tips When Building A New Website 1. Do Your Keyword Research Right 2. Decide if you want to build an authority site or sniper site 3. Decide on what your monetization will be – adsense, amazon, clickbank, CPA, lead generation or other 4. Buy exact match domain and if not available think about density…Buy an aged domain if possible or buy new domain for 2 or 5 years 5. Map out your site using a mind map or simple excel sheet, categories and silo structure 6. Decide on types of content – It is better to have three types of content on the same page – video, article, image usually works very well when it is possible 7. Add contact, privacy, terms of service, disclaimer and sitemap pages 8 Get Royalty FREE images Cheap! You can learn more in my new course Rapid Moneysite Empire launching soon Go To and sign up Choosing a high paying niche – reverse engineering other successful sites. keyword research finding offers with multiple income streams in mind building sites fast how to set up wordpress sites properly Core wordpress plugins for seo and google friendly sites Fast Easy Hands Off SEO Quality Variety Relevancy GEO Targeted where possible Social Media Links Volume Link wheels and Pyramids PROTECT YOUR MONEY SITE. Membership .00 a month Watch daily videos – warts and all! Real SEO from the trenches


07 2012

How to increase web traffic – SEO link building ^^ Free report exposes 77 powerful ways to generate traffic to any site without spending a single cent
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07 2012

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