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How do I invest in the stock market without using a broker? Be specific, thanks.?

Question by skier72: How do I invest in the stock market without using a broker? Be specific, thanks.?
I’ve never invested in the stock market, but would like too. I heard you can buy stocks without a broker. Any info would help.

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Answer by gosh137
The way is called a “DRIP” or Dividend ReInvestment Plan. Now in order to get the dividneds to reinvest, you must be an owner of the stock. But, many companies have plans that allow you to send money directly to them to buy the initial shares. You just have to visit the web site of each company you are interested in (usually “”) and click on their “investor relations” tab. You can also check on, a web site for the moneypaper which deals with drips. There is a tab to read a free sample issue. Also use a search engine to look for drips.

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02 2013

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12 2012

Kimberly Brangwin Seattle Real estate Broker profile

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03 2012

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