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What is the best site to visit to customly make my own website?

Question by sorry bout the brains: What is the best site to visit to customly make my own website?
Im trying to make a website for myself, it will be for an art display as well as marketing but Id like to make it as custom as possible, giving it my personal art touch. Free sites as well as sites that charge for domain names and storage/upload space would be helpful. Please let me know what your suggested site is!

Best answer:

Answer by Steve

Best place to custom a site to me is to get wordpress themes custom built for you. You can find a lot of people on warrior forum for that.

For hosting. I use hostgator, because their customer service quality is by far the best. Here is a coupon code that I used to get 1st month for a penny. Code:

It also comes with a 45 day money back =)

Hope this helps.

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03 2013

Which is the best university for Masters in Construction Management?

Question by Maverick: Which is the best university for Masters in Construction Management?
I have been browsing web sites that provide information on best grad schools and rankings in corresponding years. Moreover, these talk about a generalized college ranking. Can someone suggest me how should I go about the selection of courses and best universities. Previous to this, I have been asking the same question in many blogs, orkut and facebook but I end up reading posts by people saying that their university is the best. Please be specific as to why you chose a particular university. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by raflorsheim

You contacted me directly, but Yahoo! Answers says that you do not allow email and it was impossible to respond to your email. Therefore:

First of all, you seem to be looking to become an architect, but are asking whether it would be better to study Construction Management or Project Management. Frankly, if you want to become an architect, you need to study Architecture, not either of the above programs. While both might be good things for an architectect to know, neither is necessary, and neither would qualify you to become an architect. Usually, Contruction Management would prepare you to become a contractor, and Project Management would be one course, or a concentration, within an MBA or graduate engineering program.

As far as I know, there is no such thing as a “work permit program” for students. If you come to the U.S. as a student, you are not allowed to work here. There is a special visa you can get for practical experience for one year following the completion of your academic program. It will allow you to stay and work in the U.S. for one year, but then you will have to go back to your own county, in almost all cases. It also does not guarantee that you will find a job, and many companies have no interest in hiring someone who will have to leave in a year. Most companies are not all that interested in hiring international students. They may need people with specific skills which are hard to find, but I don’t think that is in any way the case for those with backgrounds in architecture or contruction management.

Campus recruitment at most schools is open to everyone, but in reality, international students do not participate because they are not eligible for the specific jobs. Since your email suggests that you are from some other country, you would have to go back to that country after graduating before beginning to search for a job. Most companies cannot consider hiring you in the U.S., because they would realize that you would not be eligible to take a job with them.

I honestly don’t know which are the best universities in this field. It is not one in which I have any knowledge.

As for scholarships, scholarships at the Master’s degree level are rare for anyone. Of those which may be available, very few would be open to international students. Most universities see international students as desirable because they pay full tuition, and unless someone were an incredibly unusual candidate, they would not be interested in offering them the few scholarships they may have available. Grants, which are usually given by the government to encourage further study, are even less available to international students. Your best bet, and the one I see used most by international students, is to get a scholarship from your own government to study abroad.

Most companies do not work with the student to extend their stay and get them a work visa. It is expected that the student themself will do this, before looking for a job in almost all cases. It may be different if you were a senior, respected architect who wanted to work in the U.S., but since U.S. companies can hire U.S. students, they are usually unwilling to go out of their way to hire an international student.

The future of contruction management is hard to predict. For the next few years, the prospects are pretty grim, given that most of the current global economic problems began with bad loans for home-buying. At this point, credit has been tightened up, and it is hard for people to get into the market and buy or build. Presumably, that will all get easier after a few years, but right now, this is not a good field to get into.

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03 2013

What is the best discipline in MBA to enroll that will be suited to become CEO of an international company ?

Question by VENKAT: What is the best discipline in MBA to enroll that will be suited to become CEO of an international company ?
In future, if I wish to be the CEO of a big international company what will be the best discipline in MBA that will be the most suited for this position ?

Best answer:

Answer by vasundhara
In my view., I think General Management which covers all sorts of management in brief would be helpfull…

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03 2013

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03 2013

What’s the best way to advertise local B2B services online on a very low budget?

Question by marketingnube: What’s the best way to advertise local B2B services online on a very low budget?
I just revamped the company website, came up with a take a survey and you could win a gift card giveaway, & launched an adwords campaign, but have virtually no traffic to the site and very little funds to get it there… Any ideas on other PPC (no/low min spend) or anything else that could give me a boost? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by Claudiomar
Hi Marketingnube,

Let’s consider your company website as a shop and all companies that could be buying from you as a person in your town.

We could organize this market in 6 different categories:
a) Recommenders
b) People buying more than once.
c) First time buyers
d) Enters
e) People passing by
f) Others

What you need to do is to come up with actions to move people from a category to the next.
Now, remember that you have different level of information about the people in each category; that makes it possible, and recommendable to treat people in each category in a different way.
As you can see, your web site may not help you much on moving people from category “f” to category “e”; but it can be pretty effective on moving people form category “e” into “d” and soon.
Here are some actions that can help you in each category:
From “f” to “e”:
-Advertise in local news papers, local radios, sponsor local schools teams, etc
From “e” to “d”:
-The advertises above will already drive some people to visit your site but you can get even more traffic with the next actions:
-Social Media Marketing -> you need to be active in forums, have a Facebook account for your company, have a twitter account, have a blog and keep it updated.
From “d” to “c”
-You need to give something: show the benefits and features of your product or service, test drive, try it for free, discounts, etc. But, just giving it away may not be enough. You might need to communicate what you are giving. That’s what the next action can help you with.
-Have a news letter; put your promotions in your website or blog. Use twitter to promote the discounts, etc.
From “c” to “b”
-In most cases, it has a lot to do with customer services.

I hope it helps!

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03 2013

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03 2013

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02 2013

What is the best way to Market small business?

Question by D V 2: What is the best way to Market small business?
I operate a small web design business. What would be the best way to market for potential clients?

My target audience is small businesses, home-based businesses and independents, what is the best way to target these groups?

Best answer:

Answer by tcoyc
Start with businesses you know locally, get a few clients and ask them for a testimonial. You could also look on craigslist and see if any businesses in your area are looking for web design work.

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02 2013

My website seems to be taking off now. What’s the best way to keep my users happy?

Question by SPJ P: My website seems to be taking off now. What’s the best way to keep my users happy?
Apparantly I wasn’t the only one that wanted a better search engine. My website is gaining in popularity and I’ve had to recruit several people to help me build custom search engines due to the number of requests. I want to keep my users happy, could you visit the site and tell me what would be the best thing to change or add to the site to keep people coming back?

Best answer:

Answer by ebookgalaxybiz
hi, maybe add some seo stuff on there you know
the scripts that check certain things with the site’s
easy to install, a little run down a few backlinks checkers, whats my pr, hope these help because this will keep people coming back even maybe if they are not member make a newsletter for the site so new visitor can be informaed of new services are stuff added to the site like,

even give away some seo software, i own
so ive added some software for you, if you would all so like the scripts i talk about just use the contact us part on my site and il send you them no problem at all, but it will bring back people time and time again because they want to know how they are doing in search engines

ive got another site aswell you could give a free trail to send me a email if you like ok

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01 2013

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