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What is the best discipline in MBA to enroll that will be suited to become CEO of an international company ?

Question by VENKAT: What is the best discipline in MBA to enroll that will be suited to become CEO of an international company ?
In future, if I wish to be the CEO of a big international company what will be the best discipline in MBA that will be the most suited for this position ?

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Answer by vasundhara
In my view., I think General Management which covers all sorts of management in brief would be helpfull…

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03 2013

Can I become a Web Designer without programming?

Question by Dnice: Can I become a Web Designer without programming?
I have a taken a few Web Design courses using Dreamweaver and love it. I can write HTML, however I hate programming. I bombed my C++ class. Is it possible to be a successful Web Designer without programming? I’m looking to just create simple brochure type websites for people without all of the complex programming. There has to be a market for companies who just want a simple web page that can be created by mastering Dreamweaver and Fireworks. What do you think?

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Answer by Mictlan_KISS
Yes, but it helps greatly to have Programming. All Web Designers I know are really great Programmers

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08 2012

Become a Keyword Expert – (Step 1) with Stephen Gross

This is Step One of the First 10 Steps on how to be a successful online business.


07 2012

how do we become #1 in the search engine if they search our company?

Question by cherry l: how do we become #1 in the search engine if they search our company?

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Answer by dsl278
Invest in (or hire a specialized company for) search engine optimization:

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06 2012

How does company become a sponsored site on a search engine?

Question by kloper17: How does company become a sponsored site on a search engine?

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Answer by cgimwei
Your question is great. Look at the answer I gave to a friend at the link below..

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03 2012

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02 2012

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02 2012

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02 2012

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11 2011

How does one become a SEO or Search Engine Optimizer?

Question by qqtip2001: How does one become a SEO or Search Engine Optimizer?
What kind of computer or other background would be appropriate, what kind of studies and what is a typical salary. In short, tell me all you can about the subject. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Mark
Optimize your own site, rank high and write a SEO book

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10 2011

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