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What area should I start working on in Internet Marketing?

Question by ngaai: What area should I start working on in Internet Marketing?
I am 24. I play guitars (advanced) and the piano. I am good at programming and puzzle solving. I am pretty much everything a perfect computer geek needs to be. I am planning to start off a company before which I will need to get a feel of how marketing works on the internet. I would like to create niche blogs but I don’t see where I should start and what topic would be ideal for me. Could you suggest a way for me to get things going.

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Answer by labchatboard
Blog about what you know to start with and get a feel for it. Get a couple of free blogs at WordPress on the go.

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02 2013

Salary for SEM Specialist (Boston area)?

Question by : Salary for SEM Specialist (Boston area)?
I am studying marketing at a southern NH college, and I will graduate this May. I am interested in obtaining a job doing SEM/SEO/PPC as I really enjoy it and I have experience in it from interning at a marketing agency. I wanted to know what is the job outlook for an “SEM Specialist” and what I can reasonably expect my salary to be.

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Answer by Tiffany Miller
The future is bright for anyone in Search Engine Marketing and there is a lot of potential for growth. Starting salary at an agency is normally around $ 30,000 depending on the city you live in. However, because it is a growing industry and very fast paced, pay will increase very quickly if you are smart and dedicated.

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09 2012

“New” marketing companies in Cleveland area. Are these real jobs?

Question by MIPerson: “New” marketing companies in Cleveland area. Are these real jobs?
I am looking to get a marketing job, in the Cleveland area, and I was wondering if anyone has heard of JNL Marketing, Inc or Kinetic Solutions? I came across both companies in my recent job search and when I applied to these companies, I was almost immediately offered a job interview. I did get a personal call, not a stock email. Anyways, if anyone has any insight about these two companies, I would appreciate it.

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Answer by tee3000
no i dont check with BBB and check these websites and

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05 2012

San Francisco Bay Area Video Production — Penrose Productions for PetSmart PetsHotel

video production in San Francisco at This PetSmart video was done by Penrose Productions. Penrose Productions is the leading video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. With over 30 years of experience producing award-winning videos, Penrose Productions works for business and organizational clients in all fields with speed, effectiveness and efficiency. We are unique among video production companies in that we give a complete money-back guarantee. We Specialize in Corporate Videos Promotional Videos Marketing Videos Documentaries Television Segments Training Videos Interviews Industrials Commercials In addition to shooting by our expert videographers, we have award-winning Scripting Video Editing Graphics and animation Compressing Video for the web, including your Website, YouTube, and other hosts DVD/CD Authoring Rapid Duplication of your project Penrose Productions has served hundreds of clients over the decades to showcase their products and services, first on tape, then on DVD, and now the web.
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02 2012

Personal Injury | Philadelphia Area

Fusion Local Media 610.833.8146 I’m a local search marketing consultant. Unlike most of the emails you may receive from people offering to make your accounting website “#1 on Google”, or to bring you thousands of website leads — I’m not here to do that. I’m an expert in local search marketing for attorneys (local SEO), and will work to specifically take your personal injury law practice and market it through Google Places, Bing Business Portal, and Facebook. I prepared a short video that is customized for your business. If you are remotely interested in transforming your personal injury website from an invisible, online business card to a true lead generating sales machine — I invite you to watch the video. I’m not in India, Philippines, or even in LA or NYC. I’m local to you, and actually work in your town. My company won’t promise you something we can’t deliver. Unless you work at Google, you can’t “guarantee” a #1 ranking. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. There is a unique opportunity to capitalize on the personal injury legal niche in Philadelphia Area. If you are ready to take the next step, like what you see and hear in the video, please send me an email or call direct at (610) 833-8146. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions. Personal Injury Attorney Philadelphia Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney
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11 2011

I am looking for an advertising agency in Romford or thurrock area that builds websites & can do ppc and seo?

Question by jane: I am looking for an advertising agency in Romford or thurrock area that builds websites & can do ppc and seo?
I’m looking to build a 40 page website but want the main pages to be seen in Google and Yahoo, and also want to promote the site using Google adwords?

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Answer by Rob
Hi I run an advertising agency in Rainham essex between Romford and Thurrock called We are a full service advertising agency who specialize in online website builds and promotion from banners to ppc to seo. I would love the opportunity to discuss your project further please call me on 07588 658 741 or send an email to so we can discuss what you need.



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04 2011

What SEO workshops do you recommend in the California area?

Question by madeleine: What SEO workshops do you recommend in the California area?
I’m interested in classes taught by an instructor.

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03 2011

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