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How important are Alexa rank and Google page rank for marketing company?

Question by : How important are Alexa rank and Google page rank for marketing company?
Hi Everyone,

I know that probably everybody knows – but I’m really confused.

What exactly Alexa rank means and how it compares to Google Page Rank.

I’m searching the web and can see that sometimes pages with good Google Page Rank (4/10 6/10) has very bad Alexa rank.

How it is possible – and which ranking is more important.

I am working in marketing company and I was delegated to find out what it will be the best for us. Not to worry about Alexa and be happy that our page rank is 4/10?

Since I’ve set my toolbars measuring ranks it takes me whole day to jump from site to site and try to find ‘rank logic’

Anyway – how much is good Alexa rank and how much is Google?

I really need some answers because my head is spinning.

Regards – Bino

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Answer by ♥Zelda&Link♥
I have no clue what Alexa ranking is… My head is spinning now too lol But go with Google. Google is better 😛 lol

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04 2012

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