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03 2013

Article Advertising For Traffic – The Important Thing To On The Internet Accomplishment

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03 2013

Media Mayhem – Advertising Guru Robert Chandler On Technological Advances & Selling New Ideas

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Allison has an in depth one-on-one with legendary advertising strategist, Robert Chandler where they openly explore the intricacies of the industry. Mr. Chandler shares candidly about his history and experiences in advertising over the last few decades shedding light on the changing cultural and political landscape, advertising ethics and how best to ‘execute the concept.’ GUEST BIO: Robert Chandler, fearless leader of General Levitation, is a creative director, copywriter, and advertising strategist of wide and eclectic experience. Majoring in technology — though hardly limited to it — he is apparently the only person on the planet to serve as creative director for three cornerstone tech companies — Apple, IBM, and Microsoft, which accounts for his being completely conversant in the world of Web communications that he played his bit in popularizing. Robert has led in senior creative roles at the world’s premiere agencies, including Chiat\Day, BBDO, and Ogilvy & Mather. His group at Ogilvy originated the worldwide IBM “subtitles” campaign, “Solutions for a small planet” featuring Nuns, elderly Frenchmen, and international surfers. At BBDO, he helped build for Apple their powerful brand. Highlights included the Randy Newman “I’m different” spot. For Microsoft his campaigns launched many watershed products, including Excel, Word, & Windows. As head of General Levitation, he designed the launch for Hitachi PC, renaming that company Hitachi Mobilized
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01 2013

How to Start Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign-Tutorial

Step by Step Video tutorial for stating a PPC Advertising account with Google Adwords. For SEO that Works goto:
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01 2013

What are the best schools that offer online programs for Visual Communication emphasis in advertising?

Question by BearLab: What are the best schools that offer online programs for Visual Communication emphasis in advertising?

Best answer:

Answer by RICKY B

There are many ways to market a small business on the web. You can buy banner ads, text links, or use PPC. However, the best way is to get listed in a bunch of portals. Portals and directories are like phone books, and they often provide a lot of traffic because they tend to rank high on Google.

This portal is giving away a free business card holder for lising your business (I got mine a few days ago in the mail). If you want to know about some other portals, just let me know.

Best of Luck

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12 2012

Which one of advertising or marketing is a better way to spend money to get the most return on investment?

Question by Bryan: Which one of advertising or marketing is a better way to spend money to get the most return on investment?
I know they are very similar, but I have a limited budget and not sure which path is the best to go down. I would think going fully in one and not splitting between the two would be best.

Best answer:

Answer by Manuel
Ok so you have tried most paid marketing platforms such as ppc marketing adwords, media buying and what not. The affiliate marketer’s tool box for promotions is ever growing resulting in mass confusion. You will find more and more wannabe Gurus advocate the next best thing since sliced bread when it comes to making a quick buck online. If you’ve got more SEO tools than money coming in, it’s time to take a look at your marketing strategies and pay close attention.

Years ago adwords was king with most internet marketers trying to master adwords to make a killing in their niche. Some very smart marketers have made millions using PPC and adwords, Perry Marshall being the classic example.

The problem I see daily is that unless you know what you are doing with paid ppc you will see your campaign budget literally disappear overnight.

There is a science to adwords that not many people can master in a short period of time. Especially newbie’s who are setting up campaigns left right and centre.

With the hefty cost per clicks involved in any adwords campaign you need to be looking at the ROI you are getting for your troubles and money invested. The trouble here is keeping up with Google’s changing algorithms, constantly being slapped and sent to implement black hat underground techniques, which don’t work in the long run.

Yahoo MSN and Bing are following the trend. Although it’s been said that MSN and Yahoo have great conversion rates. There is a better way of getting fast targeted results.

What if you knew of a secret marketing strategy that allowed you to buy traffic at insanely low prices? I’m talking cents here and not $ 10 dollars a click.

The Internet marketing industry is becoming more a more aggressive with thousands of people joining the online community every single day, backed by wannabe gurus who are teaching them that they can make quick money online. Leaving them out in the cold while they rake in 6 figure commission checks in their sleep.

Forget the Buzzword make money fast. The New Buzzword is Mass PPV at wholesale prices.

You can make money fast if you know the secret marketing techniques used by the real Gurus in the know, quite frankly you will not hear about their secret techniques that they use to rake in thousands of dollars a month.

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12 2012

Small Business Advertising: Where is a good place to advertise a small business locally?

Question by Colin B: Small Business Advertising: Where is a good place to advertise a small business locally?
Our target is middle/upper class people. Any ideas besides the local newspaper and craigslist? We need to get the word out there!

Best answer:

Answer by jt66250
Its always good to have a website… this way you can target your local market with online and offline advertising..

In online advertising there are two major distinctions, paid and not paid (FREE). Paid online advertising is easy to understand. You have banners placed on other websites or emails that are sent to an email mailing list and you have pay per click (PPC) which is you paying for an ad placement on another website or search engine. The placement is charged a fee with a fluctuating rate for each click to your ad that takes a prospective customer to your website.

Banner ad placement works best when there is a limited capacity offer such as a short supply of a product or service or you have a limited amount of time for the offer. Banners are normally more expensive so its a better idea to have a banner for a trip to Vegas or next weeks rock concert than a landscaper service in June.

PPC is good for most small business advertising but unfortunately if its not done the right way, it can be quite expensive. PPC, if done right can bring a very high return on investment (ROI) and can catapult your business from nothing, to a steady stream of customers in a short period of time, at a fraction of other advertising methods.

Unpaid or free advertising in most cases will not cost you money, but it will cost you time. If done correctly and thoroughly, certain aspects of free advertising for your small business will take many hours to perfect. The most effective forms of free advertising are search engine optimization (SEO) and social networking.

SEO in simple terms is building your online presence to provide the best chance of being seen by search engines such as Yahoo® and primarily Google®. This is done in 4 primary steps:

1. Establish keywords for the basis of creating content
2. Building content around and about your keywords
3. Linking to and from similar websites with good content
4. Adding more content based on keywords

Notice the focus is on your websites’ content in all four steps.
SEO is not easy because it it perpetually evolving and it involves setting a plan in motion, then waiting for results, while working it for different angles behind the scenes. In the end you still have no control over how your results are presented, only the search engines have it. Your SEO work is never done and it is time consuming, but with the right strategy and implementation, you will achieve great success. For more information visit our website section on SEO: 7 Steps to an Effective SEO Advertising Strategy.

For social networking, its a little different than SEO but its basis, free online advertising, and the end result, a very high ROI, are the same. Social networking is establishing a presence on a community based website, or creating a community on your own website. Social networking provides you with not only free advertising but a constant source of communication with your customers, and potential customers. Using social networking relies on tapping into the organic interest people will generally have in the content you provide. Social networking websites are growing at a rapid pace, and the amount of time people spend on those websites makes it more likely you will be exposed to more people. Establishing your presence on a social networking website should be consistent with your overall web presence and if done right will only enhance your small business footprint online.
More information on social networking in our: Advertise on a Budget section where we periodically examine the best strategies of social networking and other inexpensive sources of online advertising.

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11 2012

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

Join us on Oct 14th, 2012 for the discussion. A short film about what the future of advertising might look like. Produced by Saatchi & Saatchi Canada, Tool, Pirate, Rooster and Lunch. Join us at FITC Toronto http and get a 10% discount with code: lastagency


10 2012

Advertising Tech Social Promo

Advertising Tech – internet marketing and consulting. We offer the total package, full service, all inclusive deal. -websites creation -outsource IT projects -affiliate marketing and management -search engine optimisation (SEO) -PPC campaining -internet marketing and consulting Visit
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09 2012

Eventige Marketing & Advertising Agency

Eventige ( Marketing Agency Advertising Agency Services and Capabilities. Eventige Media Group is a full service boutique advertising agency that specializes in Consulting & Strategy Development, Event Marketing, Digital Experiential, and SEO & Social Media Marketing. Our clients range from Fortune 500 Giants, to Small Sized Businesses looking for innovative ways to grow and further their brand image. For more information, please contact us via 646-998-5445 or
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09 2012

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