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What’s the best way to advertise local B2B services online on a very low budget?

Question by marketingnube: What’s the best way to advertise local B2B services online on a very low budget?
I just revamped the company website, came up with a take a survey and you could win a gift card giveaway, & launched an adwords campaign, but have virtually no traffic to the site and very little funds to get it there… Any ideas on other PPC (no/low min spend) or anything else that could give me a boost? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Claudiomar
Hi Marketingnube,

Let’s consider your company website as a shop and all companies that could be buying from you as a person in your town.

We could organize this market in 6 different categories:
a) Recommenders
b) People buying more than once.
c) First time buyers
d) Enters
e) People passing by
f) Others

What you need to do is to come up with actions to move people from a category to the next.
Now, remember that you have different level of information about the people in each category; that makes it possible, and recommendable to treat people in each category in a different way.
As you can see, your web site may not help you much on moving people from category “f” to category “e”; but it can be pretty effective on moving people form category “e” into “d” and soon.
Here are some actions that can help you in each category:
From “f” to “e”:
-Advertise in local news papers, local radios, sponsor local schools teams, etc
From “e” to “d”:
-The advertises above will already drive some people to visit your site but you can get even more traffic with the next actions:
-Social Media Marketing -> you need to be active in forums, have a Facebook account for your company, have a twitter account, have a blog and keep it updated.
From “d” to “c”
-You need to give something: show the benefits and features of your product or service, test drive, try it for free, discounts, etc. But, just giving it away may not be enough. You might need to communicate what you are giving. That’s what the next action can help you with.
-Have a news letter; put your promotions in your website or blog. Use twitter to promote the discounts, etc.
From “c” to “b”
-In most cases, it has a lot to do with customer services.

I hope it helps!

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03 2013

Has anyone had any success with using google’s adsense or adword to advertise their webpage?

Question by dreamgirl L: Has anyone had any success with using google’s adsense or adword to advertise their webpage?
I am an avon representative and I am thinking about starting starting a webpage through the company and but I am curious about how successful these tools are at advertising and how much would using these tools cost me? If anyone has any good or bad comments about these tools or any sucess stories let me know!!! Also how do they work?

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Answer by mel
Adsense can work very well if you have moderately heavy traffic. If you’re selling something, it’s even better. There is nothing bad I can say about it… it doesn’t cost you anything, so you either make money or you don’t, without anything negative on your part. Try it, you can always close the account.

Good luck.

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01 2013

What are some ways to advertise online?

Question by The Incredible Mr. B: What are some ways to advertise online?
I know that I can use social networking sites but what are some other ways that I can advertise services, a business, a website, etc.?

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Answer by Jake
Forums, Blogs, Social Bookmarking, You already know social networking, guestbooks, other websites, google adwords, articles, article directories, directories in general, etc. :3

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01 2013

We have a business and we would like to know how it works to advertise on your search engine?

Question by Kenneth V: We have a business and we would like to know how it works to advertise on your search engine?
We would like to know how to be on the top 10 list for our keyword searches.. How is the pricing structure, payments, etc?

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Answer by ross_a_nyc
There are two main types of search engine placement.
1) Search engine marketing (PPC) is a pay-per click sponsored search. We can typically buy clicks for $ 0.30 to $ 1 depending on the product and industry.
2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long term project whereby your website is overhauled to gain higher position in the organic search results. As a search marketing consultant, we typically look to add significant content and new web pages to your site that speak to the keywords your clients’ are looking for. This is the tried and true method, but there are some tricks to get the site higher which change almost daily. Getting other websites to link to yours was very popular for the last 2 years.

If I were you, I would focus on the content on your site and make sure that you address in detail what it is your clients are looking for. Then hire a SEO consultant. Fees generally range from $ 5,000 for a small SEO project, $ 25,000 for a mid-size and large sites will spend $ 50,000 or more per year!

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01 2013

How can I advertise my medical billing company?

Question by ttamanaydoc: How can I advertise my medical billing company?
I have a medical billing and consulting company and I really need more doctors. How can I go about advertising my company to doctors?

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Answer by xvnukervx1
start cold calling some doctors. Go to have someone write you a decent script, or maybe even hire someone to do the calling for you. Cold calling is the fastest way to build a client base and also the cheapest.

Also, the national do-not-call registry does not apply to business to business marketing.

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12 2012

How do I advertise cheaply for a business I just bought?

Question by sambina2: How do I advertise cheaply for a business I just bought?
How do I advertise for 2 business I just bought? They are:
How would I advertise them cheaply that would get results?

Best answer:

Answer by Brenda
I have the program that you are looking for. I have used the program for 2 years and it works excellent.

The best way to get alot of traffic to your website is use email marketing. The program that I use most often is.

Webtrafficmarketing, it offers instant daily access to one of the largest databasesof legit email addresses available to online marketers, and all of the recipients have double opted in to recieve marketing messages.

Just log in, enter your offer and hit send. Blast any ad you wish. If you have more than one website, no problem, change your ad or email with each blast. Once you are signed up as a member you are a member for life.

I believe that you will find the program very useful in your marketing efforts

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12 2012

How to advertise for my aimed-at-defending-a-case blog?

Question by Bewitched19: How to advertise for my aimed-at-defending-a-case blog?
I’ve written it in my native language and I am defending a specific point of view on life.

Best answer:

Answer by Joseph Alvini
Add lots of content and target keywords

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11 2012

What is the best way to advertise and Market an online tea shop?

Question by patricknshawnie: What is the best way to advertise and Market an online tea shop?
I would like to open an online tea shop focusing on fresh leaf teas. I have started a website as well as my business plan for an SBA loan. What is the most cost effective and economical way of marketing and advertising online? This would strictly be an online business.

Best answer:

Answer by SEO Consultant – Life Coach
promotional strategies, always remember that the traffic is not the whole solution.

You must also convert your visitors to buyers. Always watch for ways to work with “emotional content” since most people make their “buying decisions” when they are in an emotional state.

Your promotions need to make the visitor FEEL good. Consider at times where the use of humour might be incorporated or perhaps the warm fuzzy feelings produced by the tone of your writing. This is a secret that traditional advertisers have been using for years successfully.

Are you using the little credit card logos on your page above the fold where the visitors can see them easily without scrolling? These logos as well as the verisign logo or security logos all instill a sense of trust in your visitor.

Do everything you can to make your page “feel safe” and friendly to your visitors. Your site is finished and your online store is up and running, but your work is just beginning. Your next task is to optimize your site to maximize sales and focus on customer conversion.
Here are a few suggestions on converting click-throughs to purchases


Clean design and easy-to-understand navigation is key to a successful e-business site. Your customers need to be able to find your merchandise quickly and get around your site easily. If customers don’t find what they are looking for quickly, they may leave your store before making a purchase.
Site Copy

Compelling copy can also help you optimize your sales. Spend some time fine-tuning your site’s content to make sure that it is appealing and helps sell your products. Good copy is informative, short, and to the point, listing all of the key details of your products in an easy-to-read format.

Once your copy is written, analyze it to make sure it is optimized for search engines. The best way to ensure you get your fair share of traffic from search engines is by placing appropriate keywords throughout your pages.

When search engines index sites, they go through pages looking for keywords and rank Web pages accordingly. If you have popular keywords throughout your copy, search engines will include your Web site in search results for those terms.
Special Offers

Now that the mechanics are out of the way, you can focus on increasing the appeal of your products by offering free gifts or running specials. The best way to entice a new customer to purchase from your company instead of your competition is by offering them something that they can’t get anywhere else. Here are a few examples.

Sales. The old standby, the sale, works just as well online as offline. If your business is seasonal, offer a discount during a traditional slow period. Alternately, if you have too much inventory of a particular type, you can mark it down dramatically in an attempt to move it.

Free shipping. Instead of offering a discount on your products, you can discount your shipping for a limited time, or offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount. Offering free shipping on orders over $ 100, for example, may encourage a customer to add to his or her order to get free shipping.


Coupons are a proven way to increase return customer sales, which can keep a business going for a long time. If you can keep your existing customers happy, they can provide a large percentage of your sales.

E-books or newsletters. Free information related to the products you sell can be a cost-effective way to keep customers coming back. For example, if you sell home furnishings in your store, you could offer a free e-book about interior design principles.

If you don’t have time to write an e-book, you may be able to find existing copy to redistribute to your customers. Try researching topics for items that you sell and see if you can find anything that ties in well with your store.

Additionally, e-mail newsletters are an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers in a relatively unobtrusive manner. Newsletters can be used to communicate information about sales, featured items, and general news, as well as deliver targeted marketing.

Updating your site regularly is critical to keeping your customers coming back. Employing the techniques above will force you to keep your site fresh, as you rotate your offers throughout your business cycle. New content lets your customers know that your online business is thriving, and will let them know you are in it for the long haul.

Is your web site trustworthy?

It’s very important that your web site visitors have trust and confidence in your company. Your customers must trust you. They won’t buy from you if they don’t.

On the World Wide Web, you cannot speak face to face with your customer so you have to establish credibility in other ways.

1. Make sure that your web pages have a professional design

Your web pages have to look perfect. If necessary, hire a professional web designer. Don’t use blinking text, funny animations or flashy banners on your page. Make sure that all links on your web site are intact.

Don’t use automatically created web pages. Some software programs allow you to automatically create pages that are “optimized” for a special keyword. These doorway pages don’t work anymore on search engines (its simply spamming).

In addition, human web surfers are turned away by that kind of pages. While doorway pages might look attractive to software programs, web surfers usually hate them. Automatically created doorway pages usually look ugly to human web surfers. Often, they consist of nothing more than a list of buzz-words. You won’t get good results with this method because human web surfers will quickly close such a web page.

2. Tell your web site visitors who you are

Make sure that customers know that a real person is sitting behind this Web page. Include your full contact information on your web site and make it easy to find.

If your visitors don’t know from whom they will purchase and how to contact you, they won’t buy anything. Show your privacy policy.

3. Offer free trials and show your refund policy

The most common things to establish trustworthiness is to offer a free trial and a money back guarantee. If your customers know what they’ll get, they’ll be more likely to purchase.

4. Use testimonials.

Its far better if other people say nice things about you than you saying nice things about yourself. Testimonials from satisfied customers will show how your business can do a better job than your competitor when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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11 2012

Small Business Advertising: Where is a good place to advertise a small business locally?

Question by Colin B: Small Business Advertising: Where is a good place to advertise a small business locally?
Our target is middle/upper class people. Any ideas besides the local newspaper and craigslist? We need to get the word out there!

Best answer:

Answer by jt66250
Its always good to have a website… this way you can target your local market with online and offline advertising..

In online advertising there are two major distinctions, paid and not paid (FREE). Paid online advertising is easy to understand. You have banners placed on other websites or emails that are sent to an email mailing list and you have pay per click (PPC) which is you paying for an ad placement on another website or search engine. The placement is charged a fee with a fluctuating rate for each click to your ad that takes a prospective customer to your website.

Banner ad placement works best when there is a limited capacity offer such as a short supply of a product or service or you have a limited amount of time for the offer. Banners are normally more expensive so its a better idea to have a banner for a trip to Vegas or next weeks rock concert than a landscaper service in June.

PPC is good for most small business advertising but unfortunately if its not done the right way, it can be quite expensive. PPC, if done right can bring a very high return on investment (ROI) and can catapult your business from nothing, to a steady stream of customers in a short period of time, at a fraction of other advertising methods.

Unpaid or free advertising in most cases will not cost you money, but it will cost you time. If done correctly and thoroughly, certain aspects of free advertising for your small business will take many hours to perfect. The most effective forms of free advertising are search engine optimization (SEO) and social networking.

SEO in simple terms is building your online presence to provide the best chance of being seen by search engines such as Yahoo® and primarily Google®. This is done in 4 primary steps:

1. Establish keywords for the basis of creating content
2. Building content around and about your keywords
3. Linking to and from similar websites with good content
4. Adding more content based on keywords

Notice the focus is on your websites’ content in all four steps.
SEO is not easy because it it perpetually evolving and it involves setting a plan in motion, then waiting for results, while working it for different angles behind the scenes. In the end you still have no control over how your results are presented, only the search engines have it. Your SEO work is never done and it is time consuming, but with the right strategy and implementation, you will achieve great success. For more information visit our website section on SEO: 7 Steps to an Effective SEO Advertising Strategy.

For social networking, its a little different than SEO but its basis, free online advertising, and the end result, a very high ROI, are the same. Social networking is establishing a presence on a community based website, or creating a community on your own website. Social networking provides you with not only free advertising but a constant source of communication with your customers, and potential customers. Using social networking relies on tapping into the organic interest people will generally have in the content you provide. Social networking websites are growing at a rapid pace, and the amount of time people spend on those websites makes it more likely you will be exposed to more people. Establishing your presence on a social networking website should be consistent with your overall web presence and if done right will only enhance your small business footprint online.
More information on social networking in our: Advertise on a Budget section where we periodically examine the best strategies of social networking and other inexpensive sources of online advertising.

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11 2012

How to advertise my SEO content writing services?

Question by : How to advertise my SEO content writing services?
I want to advertise my Search Engine Optimization services to web designers and web design businesses. I write SEO content for websites and would like to contact web designers to see if they need anyone for this work. I started off with searching for their emails and emailing them but it hasn’t worked out for me. Any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by Chang Nick
You can write a guest post to a famous blog, such as, there are many web designers visit this blog too.

Sign up a forum account related to SEO service, such as, and start to post something, don’t forget to put your website URL in your signature.

You also can build backlinks to rank up your website on Google first page, I always use social monkee to build my backlinks:

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08 2012

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