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What adult entertainment companies have good stocks?

Question by Mav_X_Q: What adult entertainment companies have good stocks?
I know Playboy and Penthouse do.

Then there is some Australian brothel-hotel company that offers stock through ASX.

thank you

Best answer:

Answer by Space Invader101
Forget it!!!

Everyone loves sex, but on the markets it’s all down hill. Playboy’s near bankruptcy.

As for a brothel on the ASX, never knew that one. Melbourne’s Daily Planet Brothel used to be on the ASX, but got delisted.

Adult Shop (ASC) is on the ASX market, but it’s no good. It has very poor liquidity and the company made a loss during 2008

The problem is this:
1. Rather than paying for adult media, people can get it for free or larger amount for a small subscription fee online. This puts a lot pressure on US adult media companies like Playboy, Penthouse and Private Media.

2. There’s too much competition. You only have to do a Google search with sexually explicit words to get millions of web sites.

Best to keep your sex life and financial investments separate.

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