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Can anyone tell me what is the 4life company and how good are their products?

Question by Elvin R: Can anyone tell me what is the 4life company and how good are their products?
I’m thinking about buying products from this company and I want to know how good are they. If you can, give me details on their performance.

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Answer by onlymatch4u
They are like a lot of companies that have a nice looking web site and say lots of flowery things that make the products sound good, but when you start analyzing the ingredients and look at what they are really saying, it’s basically over priced dead food that won’t nourish your body, but give you some initial reactions and then damage the DNA of your cells and shorten your life.

When you hear that a “scientist” or “researcher” has discovered that a particular substance caused a unique reaction in the body and a company like this claims to put that substance in the product, you automatically assume you are going to get the same results. That is indoctrination. Marketing people are very good at using this technique.

A very good example of this when you hear that sailors of old found out that by eating limes they did not get scurvy. Then we hear the reason was due to the vitamin C in the limes. So now the vitamin people tell you that their product contains 1,000 mg. of vitamin C and you should take it everyday because it will keep you from getting sick by getting rid of the vitamin C deficiency you may or may not have.

The problem is that Ascorbic Acid being sold as vitamin C is NOT vitamin C, but only a part of the C complex. Ascorbic Acid won’t cure scurvy and in fact, it causes you to deplete minerals in your body and is in deed, NOT good for you. ALL “B” vitamins being sold in health food stores and pharmacies, etc. are NOT natural at all, in fact, they are ALL made from the petroleum distillate derivative of Coal Tar, a dead chemical that your body rejects as toxic. Look at the color of your urine the next time you take one of those pills.

The other problem is that these companies use grade 1 and 2 herbs and in many cases mix the wrong products together. They also put excipients in the pills, like Magnesium Stearate that is an immune suppressant, nutrient absorption inhibitor, and a TRANS FAT, etc. They typically put over 5% of the total milligrams listed on the label of that junk in the pills. Not for your health, but to make their manufacture easier. 5% of 1,000 milligrams is 50 milligrams of TRANS FAT going into your body each time you take one. And most people don’t just take one pill either. I think when you truly analyze that junk, you will see that it is NOT good for you.

good luck to you

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