Search Engine Submission | Social Bookmarking — Get Targeted Traffic with Social Bookmarking To obtain the targeted traffic, we must do Web promotion. It is all about getting links and traffic to our sites. You can make one or much quality sites but with no appropriate web promotion, you will never get money coming in. Afterwards, the next great thing was Blog and Ping. This system is one of the most powerful web promotion. You may have heard all the rumors about the term Social Bookmarking Basically, Social Bookmarking websites are sites which categorize and store ‘bookmark links’ or which has a link to a specific website. thousands even millions of visitors will deluge these Social Bookmarking sites to look for information. So, the idea of social bookmarking is to send links back to your web page from these Social Bookmarking websites. You must to specify some keywords commonly called TAGS for categorize your bookmark. This allows others to look for and even vote for your bookmark. Social Bookmarking is in their own league because of its ability to produce traffic by sharing links. To learn more about social bookmark, please visit :
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