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Ever wonder what’s in a Sales Playbook? Bill Binch, SVP of Sales at Marketo, visits the show to tell us all about them as well as the challenges of sales/marketing alignment and making “big round words” specific and actionable. 00:00 Cold Open 01:00 Bill’s Nightmare Sales Job 02:00 Vice President of Sales at Marketo, Bill Binch 03:00 Definitions and Metrics: making “big round words” specific 04:00 Suspects, prospects, and closed sales 05:00 The importance of an exact definition of a closed sale 06:30 What is a marketing qualified lead? 07:30 Accountability of marketing in driving leads versus sales 08:00 The Top Three Metrics for sales/marketing alignment 09:00 “Accidents happen in the intersections.” 11:30 Sales reps should be selling, not prospecting, segmenting, or negotiating 13:00 How to setup a brand new sales model 14:30 If resources are limited where do you choose to specialize? 16:30 Land and expand, hunters versus farmers 17:30 The Dallas Cowboys don’t run around the field without a plan, neither should you 18:30 Why you should have a playbook as a sales rep 19:30 Approaching small, medium, and enterprise businesses with different methodologies appropriate to the company, not the geography 21:00 “Start collecting logos.” Focus on transactions, not dollars as a new sales team 23:00 A better question to ask other than “how do you like to buy stuff”? 24:00 Bill runs through exactly how he listens to a customer 25:30 Kevin asks what else is in Bill’s playbook: is it

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