On Air: Episode 1-4

On Air: Episode 1-4
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As a keen novel reader and movie goer once upon a time, I am familiar with trilogy and such. I know of three team that are famous for these series of dramas. There is the one I called the ‘Seasons’ team responsible for bringing to us Autumn Tale, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent and Spring Waltz. One team where death is a certainty in their ending in their dramas, Beautiful Days, Stairways to Heaven and Tree in Heaven. I never watched any of the drama of the above but I did watched all three dramas by whom I will term as the ‘Lovers’ team. They brought us Lovers in Paris, Lovers in Prague and Lovers. So we wait in anticipation and excitement what intrigues the drama will unfold for us. There are a whole list of many cameo appearance from stars to provide its autenticity as it is based on the entertainment industry. It is said that Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin will be appearing here as well. I hope they will not consider a Lovers poster hung outside an eatery and Kim Jung Eun appearing from the Lovers in Paris DVD that Seo Young Eun watches her TV as a cameo appearance.

They did well by having four main leads whom are of equal popularity. What a list of star studded cast. In the first two episodes I guess they laid down to where the characters’ places are. As there was not much to touch on, it was really not an eye-opener although my intial thought that there is a lot of ego and hurt with all main characters. Then there is the obvious who-is-with-who couples. I am going with Lee Beom Soo/Kim Ha Neul and Park Yong Ha/Song Yong Ah. I think they are best suited in this manner due to the understanding of each other role and responsiblity. There is a note that Director and Writer are always in the team. Lee Beom Soo as an entertainment manager will be the best person to understand Oh Seng Ah and her inflated ego.

The drama start at an award show where Oh Seung Ah (Kim Ha Neul) messed it up by refusing to accept an award because it was shared with another actor. She felt that there should only be one person hence declined the award. I guess this selfish behaviour upset a lot of people. Of course, one of the director’s responsible at the time was Lee Kyung Min (Park Yong Ha) who rightly told Oh Seung Ah that she may be a top star now but in a few years she will be old, divorced with kids. Harsh reality, isn’t it. Anyway, it maybe the revelation to her that she need to be in control of her own life. She refused to renew her contract with her current management company. Is it me, but I think her ex-manager looked like someone from the triad group then in entertainment by the way of all the shouting and threats? I loved the way she told that Chaebol heir that they should informed his wife if they are going to start an affair. Do you feel that she is actual a lonely figure and whether she really have the talent to be actress in its true sense? Seo Young Eun said she was not an actress but a celebrity with a lot of advertising endorsement.

Seo Young Eun (Song Yong Ah) who is a top ratings writer who commands a 2 million won per episode writer. However, Oh Seung Ah has been a thorn on her side ever since Oh Seung Ah refused to read her earlier script ‘Ticket to the Moon’ and as she was the one handing out the award that ill fated night, she was caught by the photographer is an awkward pose that appeared the very next day in all the national papers. I believe she gave up writing script that she liked to, to script that would sell better after that refusal. She is a single mother and with a mysterious engagement ring. It is quite interesting to watch her debating with Lee Kyung Min who is trying to shoot her first script ‘Ticket to the Moon’. I would love to see how this couple journey from enemies to lovers. After all, he had seen her in her undies and she had seen him bare chested. Doesn’t k-dramas always get the couple found in a compromising situation land together? We caught glimpse of Park Yong Ha’s bare chested as well thanks to her. He! He! I think there is more compromising situations coming on for them.

Lee Kyung Min (Park Yong Ha) is a Director looking for his big break and he found the perfect script for it in Seo Young Eun’s Ticket to the Moon. He needs her to be involved in the production team but he wants Oh Seung Ah as the female lead and that did not sit well with Seo Young Eun. He went chasing Seo Young Eun to Taiwan for it, he was not afraid that she is not deserving of the payment she is getting for the work she been and even camping out her her office to have easy access to her. He originally suggested that they were to discuss about in a hotel room. Although he made a sound observation to Oh Seung Ah and Seo Young Eun, he is not without his own family problems too. Furthermore, he does not know it yet that his mother works as a housekeeper for Seo Young Eun.

Jang Gi Joo (Lee Beom Soo) was about to close his management business when Oh Seung Ah called him to return a thirty thousand won loan he had lent her some years back. Oh Seung Ah in-charged him as her a manager with her own set rules and terms. Although he gives in to all her whims and fancies, he is not afraid to tell her off when she crosses the line which I feel that he is the right person to tame the ‘shrew’ in Oh Seung Ah. In Episode 4 when they were meeting with Kim Min Joon (as the actor), a drama character Ahn Jung Geun was mentioned. For those who are not familiar with Lee Beom Soo, he played Ahn Jung Geun with Kim Min Joon in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. I thought it is ironic as there may be many more reference made to the actors’ own career. I think they will keep all the dramas mention within the SBS stables of course. For those who are familiar with Lee Beom Soo, we know that he worked out to have a well-toned body that we will have a privy to look at the ‘work’ done in the next episode. I was judging from that little snipets from the Preview of Episode 5. He! He! This Ajumma is biting her lower lips in anticipation.

Keep up the good work because you have awaken our interest now.

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