Ninja Reveals $36000 Secret Keyword System: Part 1 I’m Nick Madison, the self proclaimed “Niche Market Ninja”. I have been doing Niche Marketing for 6 years and have built up a portfolio of 280 Niche Websites, all outside of the make money online niche. Having such a large network of niche websites, finding new niche markets to tap into can be a challenge. Over the years I have devised a methodology for identifying Niche markets and associated keyword phrases that has massive commercial opportunity and minimal competition. Once I have identified a niche, I put together the Niche website, then implement the Niche Market Ninja SEO Strategy that has a 98% success rate at getting my niche website ranking on Google Page #1 most times in the top 5 spaces, in under 4 weeks. This video is the first video in a series of niche marketing videos that I will be releasing over the next few weeks. It is the first time I will be publicly demonstrating some of my most secretive strategies and techniques which help me generate on average around 000 every month from all my niche websites combined.

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08 2012

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