Nicholas Fox, Google, on future of search advertising at SES San Jose 2009

Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR, interviews keynote speaker Nicholas Fox, Business Product Management Director, Adwords, Google about Google adwords at SES San Jose 2009. Nicholas says the keyword isn’t dead but sees a future where you don’t have to give Google keywords but instead you can target your ads based on your business needs. Nicholas says with better ad formats that are more in sync with what users are searching for and with what the advertiser is trying to market, Google can do a better job of connecting the users with those advertisers. Nicholas says Google has seen great success with its conversion optimizer product, which is on a cost per acquisition basis yet still translates back into a cost per click bid per auction. Given this success, it’s easy for Google to see how advertisers are interested in tying their Adwords performance back to the fundamentals of their business. One of the big innovations in Adwords and search advertising in general, according to Nick, is the move from cost per impression to cost per click. Nick describes it as part of the natural evolution to go from cost per click to cost per acquisition. Nick says Google has hit a billion dollar run rate on its conversion optimizer product on an annual basis and Google expects that to continue. People can visit which will redirect users to a Google forum where they can provide feedback on the future of search advertising as they see it.

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