My website seems to be taking off now. What’s the best way to keep my users happy?

Question by SPJ P: My website seems to be taking off now. What’s the best way to keep my users happy?
Apparantly I wasn’t the only one that wanted a better search engine. My website is gaining in popularity and I’ve had to recruit several people to help me build custom search engines due to the number of requests. I want to keep my users happy, could you visit the site and tell me what would be the best thing to change or add to the site to keep people coming back?

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Answer by ebookgalaxybiz
hi, maybe add some seo stuff on there you know
the scripts that check certain things with the site’s
easy to install, a little run down a few backlinks checkers, whats my pr, hope these help because this will keep people coming back even maybe if they are not member make a newsletter for the site so new visitor can be informaed of new services are stuff added to the site like,

even give away some seo software, i own
so ive added some software for you, if you would all so like the scripts i talk about just use the contact us part on my site and il send you them no problem at all, but it will bring back people time and time again because they want to know how they are doing in search engines

ive got another site aswell you could give a free trail to send me a email if you like ok

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